Different Types of Bitcoin Casino Slot Tournaments

Playing slot machines at any online or mobile casino site is going to see you experiencing losing sessions and winning sessions. However, due to the nature of slot machines there will often be times when you find your bankroll doesn’t last you very long if the reels are not spinning your way.

If you are the type of player who doesn’t have a huge bankroll and gambling budget, then you may be interested in taking part in one of the many different slot tournaments that most of our favourite casino sites have on offer to their players.

As you may never have taken part in a slot tournament before, then below I will give you a quick insight into the way that slot tournaments run and operate but be aware that there are several different slot tournaments on offer to you.

The basic idea behind a slot tournament is that you are required to play just one slot machine with your awarded tournament credits in the allocated time, and each time you are awarded winnings form that slot they are credited to you as points and not as cash pay-outs.

It will be the players that have managed to accumulate the most tournament points during the tournament that will then be awarded with one of the prizes attached to the slot tournament, and those prizes could be cash prizes, free slot spins or even comp points.

There are two main types of slot tournament available at all Bitcoin accepting casinos, the first are the freeroll slot tournaments which are completely free to enter, and the other are of course the paid to enter slot tournaments.

Keep in mind that each slot tournament will often have a different slot machine associated with them and depending on just which slot tournament you enter the amount of tournament credits you will be awarded with and the time you get to play off your entry will vary and differ too.

As soon as you have played off your entry your score will then be displayed on the leader board of the slot tournament, and as such you will be able to see where you have so far been placed in it.

Obviously, as more people play off their entry your position in the slot tournament could change, but once it has ended you will then be able to find out if you have won one of the prizes on offer.

Some slot tournaments only give you one single entry in them, however there are some that will allow you to continue playing from the point you finished playing off your initial entry if you pay an additional entry fee.

Look out for the head to head slot tournaments if you want a 50/50 chance of winning, for when you do take part in those types of slot tournament there is just you and one other player taking part in each of them!

The most popular slot tournaments are the free to enter ones of course, and when playing in those types of slot tournaments there can often be thousands of other players taking part in them too.