Progressive Jackpot Games with Overdue Jackpots

I do like to keep my eyes peeled for any progressive jackpot games on offer at Bitcoin accepting casino sites that are overdue.

When a progressive jackpot on any game has grown in value over its usual average jackpot payout amount, then that does of course make that a game worth playing, for sooner usually than much later that jackpot is going to be won, and as such is a game worth getting stuck into playing!

I have just taken a quick look at all of the progressive jackpot games available from Microgaming, and have discovered quite a few of them that are overdue, and as such below you will find details on those games and information on their current jackpot values too.

The Cyberstud Poker games jackpot currently stands at a huge £235,873 and taking it account its jackpot is usually won when it is around the £157,344 mark you can see why it is certainly a progressive game worth playing right now!

Another game worth playing sooner rather than later is the Poker Ride game, at the time I checked its jackpot had grown to an impressive £157,172. The average jackpot won by players of that game is £131,602 so its jackpot is overdue.

If you fancy playing a progressive Blackjack game then give the Triple Sevens game some play time, for its jackpot is currently £115,104 which is considerably more than the average jackpot that card game pays out, which for reference is £77,836!

Both the two Microgaming designed progressive video poker games had jackpots that were overdue when I checked out their respective jackpot meters and for reference those games are the SupaJax game on which I found a jackpot of £56,487 on offer and also the Jackpot Deuces game which had a jackpot of £39,861 up for grabs

One thing to note about those two progressive jackpot awarding video poker games is that player do need to play 5 coin hands to have any chance of winning the progressive jackpot and the coin values are fixed at 1.00 so you will have to play for 5.00 to have a chance of winning their jackpots.

One other progressive jackpot game worth playing is the Wowpot slot. That is a fairly low stake slot game on which its current jackpot stands at some £10,369. The average jackpot that slot game does award to players is around £7,714, so do add it to your list of progressive games to play!

Keep in mind that the above named jackpot awarding casino games can be won at any moment, and as such you should double check the values are still high, as any of those games could have paid out their respective jackpots after I compiled this news story.

One other thing worth knowing is that by you playing Microgaming designed progressive casino games, if you ever do win a jackpot it is guaranteed to be paid out to you via one single payment, not by monthly or annual payments, with is always worth knowing!