Which Bitcoin Slot Games Award More Jackpots?

If there was a magic way of knowing when a slot machine was about to payout it jackpot then you would not find any casinos, ether online, mobile or land based ones!

Each slot machine you will come across will have been designed in such a way that it is completely random and therefore fair, but it will also have been designed in such a way that it is expected to make a casino operator a certain amount of cash over the long term.

As each slot comes with it one theoretical long term payout percentage, the more players play a slot the more money that slot will make the casino operator.

There are however three different types of slots games, they are low variance slots, medium variance slots and slots that come with something known as a high variance playing structure.

Variance simply refers to the element of risk attached to the design of each slot, and as such you will find that low variance slots are much less riskier slots to play than high variance slots, whilst medium variant slots are more risky slots to play than low variance slots and so on.

Therefore if you are the type of slot player who does dream of winning more jackpots then you will be best advised to play a slot with a low variance type of playing structure and design, for those slots will award their jackpots more often that the other two type of slot games.

However what you will find is that the jackpots attached to low variance slot games are way lower in value than are found on both medium and high variance slots, so whilst you will win more jackpots when playing low variance slots the value of those jackpot will certainly never be life changing!

Some slot machines you can play at Bitcoin accepting casino sites also come with progressive jackpots on offer, and often those jackpots are rarely won at all, but when they do get won they could turn the winning player into a multi-millionaire instantly!

If those are the types of slot machines you are attracted to playing then you are going to get more chance so winning a progressive jackpot is you play the ones that have more than one jackpot attached and on offer on them.

The lower valued jackpots do tend to get won much more often on those slots then obviously the higher valued jackpots get won, but a jackpot is a jackpot at the end of the day.

The best time to play progressive slot games, if those are the ones you really do want to play will be at the moment in time when the jackpots have growing in size that they are higher in value that the average amount players of those slots tend to win, but you could be waiting a very long time for those jackpots to grow that big in size so keep that in mind!