How Often Do Bitcoin Slot Machine Bonus Games Trigger?

There is one question that most slot players will often ask about the bonus game awarding video slots that can be played online that have one or more bonus games.

That question is just how many base game spins on average do they have to play off before a bonus game or bonus feature is triggered and awarded to them.

If that is a question you have often asked yourself then it will always be dependent on just which slot games you have chosen to play and how those slot games have been designed in regards to just how many base game spins you will have to play off before a bonus game will then be awarded to you.

Also it will be dependent on just what types of bonus games are attached and on offer on the slots you are playing in regards to just how often their bonus games will on average trigger and just how many spins you usually have to play off before such a bonus game can then be played off.

On some of the older video slot games such as those by Microgaming, you will generally find that a free spins bonus game triggers on average when you have played off 132 base game spins, however as mentioned that can vary dependent on the unique design of each slot.

On slot games that have pick to win or pick and match styled bonus games, I have found some of them can trigger once every 70 spins or so, however some of them can take around 100 base game spins before you tend to then trigger them.

However, it is important to know and understand that as every single slot machine you will find available at any Bitcoin accepting casino, either online or mobile casino sites is completely random.

That does of course mean that even though a slot game has been designed to award its bonus game let’s say once every 100 base game spins you play off, the number of spins it may take you to trigger the bonus game can vary on each individual session you have.

As such one thing you should never do when playing a video slot offering any type of bonus game is to become completely obsessed with trying to trigger it. Many players have unfortunately become too obsessed with trigging a bonus game and can at times spend a small fortune trying to do so!

The bonus game may not actually trigger at all on some slot playing sessions you have or when it does finally trigger it may be a very low paying one!

You could actually find that on some slot playing sessions you can have all the luck in the world and trigger the bonus games time and time again, many more times that you thought you would, and that is all part and parcel of the fun and excitement of being a slot player, you just never know which slot playing session is going to be a winning one!