Bitcoin Baccarat

There are some casino players that will instinctively make a beeline to play games such as slot machines when they sign up to any Bitcoin or any other type of online, mobile or even land based casino. However, it is an open secret that the payout percentages on those types of games can be very low.

The much more educated and savvy players however will be seeking out games that offer them the greatest chance of winning, and as such will be looking for games which much higher payout percentages and much lower house edges too.

It will be games such as Bitcoin Baccarat games that will be at the top of the list of games to play for players who have vast experience of gambling, as that game is one of the lowest house edge games you can play online and also is one offering the very minimum of betting opportunities too.

There is nothing complicated about playing Bitcoin Baccarat games, and you will require no special skill to master playing the game.

You are tasked with selecting one of three different possible outcomes of each game you play off, and those options are the Bakers Hands, the Players Hand or whether you think the game will end in a Tie.

The basic design of the game is such that it will be the hand, whether the Players or Bankers hand that gets as close to a total of nine that will be determine as the winner, unless both hands get the same value in which case the game ends in a Tie.

Bitcoin Baccarat Winning Payouts

It is going to be the betting decisions you make when playing Bitcoin Baccarat that will ultimately determine you winning payout. Keep in mind that you can bet on any three of the possible outcomes, those being the Bankers, Players or a Tie hand.

We should point out that the payout odds for a Tie Hand can be quite high, and often there will be a slight difference in the payout odds of that betting opportunity, however due to its high house edge it is a bet you should never be tempted to place!

If you bet on the Players Hand, and that hand is the one that has a value closer to nine than that of the Bankers Hand then you are paid out at odds of even money, so effectively you will end up with double your initial bet if you bet on that hand and it wins.

The Bankers Hand also has winning payout odds of even money, however there is something known as a House Commission to be paid on any winnings achieved on that winning hand. The standard House Commission you will have to pay is 5% of your winnings.

However, with some hunting around you can often find some Bitcoin Casinos that will be offering a Baccarat game that has a slightly lower House Commission, and as such they are the variants you should be tracking down and playing online!

Bitcoin Baccarat Bonuses and Promotions

The beauty of Baccarat is that with the Players and Bakers hand betting opportunities coming with such a low house edge, it is very easy to suddenly find yourself making the correct decision and betting choice and you can go on some huge paying winning streaks.

However, if you only wish to make some modestly sized deposit into your chosen Bitcoin casino account but you want to get the maximum amount of play time out of your bankroll then it may be beneficial for you to claim a range of different bonuses available from different sites.

Some Bitcoin casino sites will give you a no deposit type of sign up welcome bonus, but those types of bonuses usually come with so many terms and conditions they are hardly worth claiming!

In regards to playing games such as Baccarat with bonus credits, by far and away the very best bonus you can make use of are those that have been designed as deposit match bonuses as opposed to no deposit bonuses.

Look out of deposit match bonuses which offer you at the very least 100% of your deposit amount as bonus credits as you will get at least double the bankroll you deposits when claiming them. But also ensure you are not going to be faced with huge play through requirements when claiming such a bonus, as it could reduce your chances of winning when you do accept such a bonus offer!

Tips for Playing Bitcoin Baccarat Games

There are a handful of playing tips we are happy to pass onto you if you do fancy playing Bitcoin Baccarat, the first thing is to always avoid placing the Tie Hand bet, the house edge is going to decimate your bankroll over time if you continually place that bet and as such never do so when playing!

The House Commission as we have mentioned above can and will vary depending on just which Bitcoin accepting casino site you choose to play at, and it does of course go without saying that you should be picking out the one charging the lowest commission.

Many players will take advantage of any winning streaks they find themselves achieving when playing Baccarat and the way in which they do so is to slowly but gradually increase the stakes they are playing for when they have a series of winning outcomes on the trot.

However, if you do following that betting strategy then make sure you drop your stake levels back down in value when that winning streak comes to an end, which it will eventually need of cruse!

Make sure that you play at a casino site that is offering you some form of comp club scheme or players club when playing for real money as that way you will earn additional playing credits based on your level of play, some casinos don’t have such a scheme or club in place so you will never be rewarded for your gambling action at those sites!