Win Big Playing Oasis Poker

When it comes to casino card games, apart from Blackjack it is going to be the games that are variants of the game of poker that you will find an abundance of at most online casino sites, and there are certainly no shortages of Bitcoin casinos that have the game of Oasis Poker on offer.

Whilst this game is very similar to the age old classic game of Caribbean Poker, there are some subtle and not so subtle differences in regards to how this variant splays and pays, and with that in mind I will give you an insight into how to play it below, so read on as it may just be a casino poker card game that you very quickly warm too.

Depending on whether you are playing Oasis Poker using a fiat currency or a cryptocurrency the permitted table stake amounts can be low, but this is also a card game that can be played for some very high-stake amounts.

This game has a shoe of cards that contains just one single deck of 52 playing cards, and to be able to send the game into live play, a player is required to initial place an ante bet on the betting box located directly in front of them.

By placing your ante bet you can then send the game into live play by clicking onto the deal button, and when you do so five playing cards are dealt out to your hand, and five playing cards, four downwards facing and one upwards facing are also dealt to the Dealer.

Once you know just what cards you have been dealt out to your hand and can also see the one up facing card of the Dealers hand you must decide whether you wish to surrender your hand and lose your ante bet or play on or even swap your cards.

By choosing to swap and of your cards you are forced to pay an additional fee, swapping just one card will cost you the same amount as your ante bet, swapping two or four cards will cost you two times your ante bet, swapping three cards cost three times your ante bet and swapping all five cards cost you just your ante bet plus a raise bet.

If you decide to keep your hand and play on then you are simply required to pay a raise bet, that raise bet however is always going to be double the amount and value of your initial ante bet you placed to send the game into live play.

It will be the hand that is the highest ranked one that is going to be determined the winning when playing Oasis Poker. Be aware though that the Dealer must have a hand containing at least a King and Ace card to qualify, if not then you receive an even money pay-out on your ante bet and the raise bet is returned to you.