Best Bitcoin Casino Comp and Loyalty Clubs

There are two main ways that all Bitcoin casinos are going to reward your loyalty, custom and gambling action, the first way is through the ongoing bonuses they give away to players.

You will find such bonuses available when you first sign up to a casino site, and they are known as welcome bonuses, however you are also going to be able to take advantage of ongoing bonuses too.

The other way that you are always going to be able to lock in additional playing value is via the comp clubs and loyalty schemes in place at all Bitcoin accepting casinos. When you play any of the games as such a casino site for real money, each wager you place will see you earning comp points.

It is the total volume of wagers you place that will determine just how many comp points you earn, and depending on just which casino site you play at the redemption rates for turning your points into additional playing credits will also vary too.

One of the very best comp clubs I have come across is the one available at Oshi Casino. Their comp points are known as Oshi RCP’s, and when you have amassed enough of them you have the option of turning them into cash or free slot game spins.

The reason I do feel that the Oshi Casino comp club scheme is one of the most rewarding comp clubs around, is that on average it awards you with around 10% cash back over the long term.

As that casino site is a multi-currency casino, it depends on just which currency you are going to be gambling with regarding just how many comp points you earn. You will receive one point each time you bet in total 0.0000312674 BTC if you are gambling in Bitcoin.

The other fiat currencies you can gamble in at Oshi Casino, and the amount you must wager to get one single comp point is, 0.50 EUR, 0.54 USD, 0.74 AUD, 31.02 RUB, 0.74 CAD, 4.78 SEK, 4.68 NOK and 3.75 CNY.

It is up to you whether you do exchange your comp points into free slot spins or cash back, however when you do so you are not faced with play through requirements, and as such if you choose to exchange your comp points for cash then you can withdrawal that cash or Bitcoin whenever you like.

By saving up and accumulating one hundred Oshi RCP’s you will then be able to exchange them for 0.0000062521 BTC or 0.10 EUR,0.11 USD, 0.15 AUD, 11 RUB, 0.15 CAD, 0.95 SEK, 0.95 NOK or 0.75 CNY.

If you do have any additional questions regarding the comp club scheme at Oshi Casino or for that matter at any of our additional featured casino sites, then simply take a look over their respective websites for a detailed overview of how each of them has been designed, as all of those casinos do have very generous loyalty schemes in place.