Grab a Share Of Other Players Slot Jackpots!

We all know the feeling, you sit down to play a slot machine at a casino site, with the aim of winning its progressive jackpot then low and behold another player wins that jackpot you have been feeding!

If you have been playing such a slot for a fair amount of time, and have invested heavily in trying to win its progressive jackpot then you will have a right to feeling somewhat annoyed at that other playing walking off with it.

That is however something that a major supplier of casino games to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency accepting casino sites has actually spent some time thinking about, and that has led to the launch of a slot on which you can actually get a share of the jackpot won by other players!

That supplier is Playtech, and their design team have come up with one of the most imaginative slot machines for quite some time, that being the aptly named Everybody’s Jackpot slot, that is available on their online and mobile gaming platforms.

The way in which the basic structure of that slot has been put together is as a five pay line slot, and when playing it you can of course win a large and very varied range of winning payouts, one of which is the progressive jackpot.

The slot is also made complete with wild symbols and a free spins bonus game however it is the way in which the progressive jackpot is won and then shared out that makes it a very unique slot and one I think you may just enjoy playing online or on a mobile device!

If you or any other player strikes gold and wins the progressive jackpot then the amount of the jackpot awarded to the winning player is 70% of the amount displayed on the jackpot meter, that jackpot is paid instantly into their casino account and the winner can of course do with it as they please.

However, the other 30% is going to then be shared out by all other players who have qualified for an equal share of that jackpot.

The way in which a player is going to be able to share that 30% of the jackpot pool is by playing the slot any time in the previous 24 hours before the jackpot was won, and there is a requirement to have to play a certain amount and volume of wagers to qualify too.

As long as you have played the Everybody’s Jackpot slot machine in the last 24 hours before a jackpot was won by another player, and you have placed the required amount of wagers and spins on that slot in the last 24 hours then as soon as another player wins the jackpot your share of the 30% jackpot pool will then be added to your casino account.

If you are not online when another players win the jackpot then fear not, as your share of the winnings will be waiting for you when you next log into your account, and a pop up message will alert you of the fact that your share of that jackpot has been added to your account!