Are There Any Benefits of Using Auto Play on Bitcoin Slots?

There are many weird and wonderful questions I get asked about playing Bitcoin slot games online, and I was recently asked whether there are any advantages of using the auto play option settings!

I suppose that is as good a question as any, for you will find some form of auto play settings on most slot games you can play these days, and there must be a reason why casino sites and slot game developers have made that option setting available to players.

One thing you will need to be aware of is that some licensing jurisdictions that issue gaming licenses to online casino sites and any other gambling sites that offer slot games have laws in place in regards to how many spins you can play off when using an auto play setting.

Take for example the UK Gambling Commission, for reasons best know to themselves they have decided that players based in the UK cannot put into live play an unlimited number of auto spun spins when paying slots at casinos holding one of their licenses, instead they are only allowed to put into play 25 spins at a time!

However, other gaming commissions and licensing authorities will not restrict just how many spins you can play off using auto play, and there is no real advantage or benefits of you using that option setting.

You could choose to use auto play as the way you play off bonus credits, if for example you have a huge deposit match bonus at your disposal you could use auto play to play through the required volume of wagers without you need to be sat in front of your computer clicking the spin button repeatedly to play off those credits.

I have also come across some casino sites that will forbid you to use auto play when you have bonus credits in your account, so if that is a feature you are thinking of using when playing with bonus funds, always check the terms and conditions associated with any bonus you have claimed or about to, to see if you can play that way!

The only time I feel that auto play may be of use to online Bitcoin slot players when you are playing at a site that allows you to open up and play more than one slot at a time.

For by opening up lots of different slots you can then set each slot using the auto play option settings and then sit back and watch your spins playing off, without having to keep on working your way around each slot window and then clicking the spin button to send each individual slot games set of reels spinning.

It is of course up to you and you alone whether you wish to use the auto play setting, but it will certainly not increase your winning chances, but will often allow you to play off more base game spins than if you had chosen to send the reels manually into live play!