Pontoon Now Available at Several Bitcoin Casinos

Casino card games are possibly what you enjoy playing, and if that is the case you are always going to be spoilt for choice when playing at any of our featured casinos. One card game that you may have played before if Pontoon, but if not then please do read on.

When compared to for example slot machines or for that matter most other casino card games, you will notice the house edge on Microgaming’s Pontoon game is very appealing, for as soon as you learn basic strategy and put it into play on this game you will be up against a low house edge of just 0.39%.

The betting and playing decisions that you are going to have to make when playing Pontoon in any playing environment have their own unique names unlike Blackjack games which all have the standard playing and betting decisions on offer.

However, you will soon get the hang of playing Pontoon for whilst the names of the playing and betting decisions may be the same, the game play rules are straight forward and very easy to understand. There are eight full decks of playing cards in use on this game by the way.

Some Blackjack games utilize something known as a hole card, and that is simply a face down card that is dealt out to the dealer’s hand once he has dealt out to himself an initial up facing card, when playing this variant, the dealer will check for Blackjack by peeking at his down facing card.

To allow players to increase the stake they have placed on any initial hand, when playing the Pontoon game, you are able to double the value of your bet to receive a third card no matter what the value of your two initial cards are.

Let me now take a good look at the rules regarding splitting hands when playing the Pontoon game, for you will need t now just what options are available to you if you do get dealt out a pair of matching cards that have the same value.

The first thing you will need to know is that you are going to be able to double down once you have  split a hand, and you can also re-split pairs up to three times, if you have already split a pair of aces then you cannot re-split a pair of Aces hand that has been split that then goes on to form another pair of Aces, also you cannot hit a split Aces hand.

You will have the option of playing Pontoon for free at any casino site you come across that has it available, but when playing for real money all Bitcoin accepting casinos will offer this game as a multi-stake one, so you can play for low stakes or high-stake levels.

There is no option for you to take a surrender option when playing Pontoon online, but some Blackjack game variants will give you thee option or taking early or late surrender.