Can I Play Bitcoin Slots for High Stake Levels?

Much like when you have wandered into any brick and mortar land based casino, you are always going to find a range of slots when logged into any Bitcoin casino site that are going to be offering you some very high staking options.

However, what you will find of interest when playing slots online as opposed to playing them in any land based casino is that the long term expected payout percentages rarely every increase if you are playing them for a much higher coin denomination and stake.

Whilst that may put you off playing them it has to be noted that online slots generally come with much higher payout percentages than any slot machine you will find in a land based casino, and as such there is plenty of value to be hand when playing slots online!

If you are something of a high rolling slot player, then you should also be demanding from any casino site you play at some of the additional and extra benefits that your high volume of wagers will open up to you.

With that in mind try and select a casino site that has VIP Casino Hosts available for by being allocated your own host you are going to find they will bend over backwards to keep you playing at their respective casino site.

The ways in which they will do that is by increasing the value of any bonuses available to their players and can also at some casino sites open up and increase the much higher staking options on games that lower stake players do not have access to on their range of slot machines and slot games.

You will also find that when it comes to comping you for your high stakes, you will always get offered higher value ongoing bonuses and will also reach the highest tier of each casinos comp club scheme, which is where you are then going to be showered with all manner of additional extras.

However, you will always want to have the maximum chances of winning and winning big if you do play Bitcoin slot games for higher stakes, and as such actively hunt around of the slots with the highest payout percentages and a slot variance you are comfortable to play for.

One final thing that you should always be demanding is both high withdrawal limits and also make sure the casino is always going to be in a position, at any time of the night or day to pay you out your winnings instantly and directly back into your Bitcoin Wallet, if that is where you want your winnings sent to.

Some casinos will only have small and modest daily or weekly payout limits in place on their banking interfaces, and if you are playing for high stake you will want the peace of mind in knowing you are never going to have to wait weeks, months or in some cases years to get paid out all of your winnings!