True Odds of Winning a Bitcoin Slot Games Progressive Jackpot

The only way that you can work out your true odds of winning a slot machines progressive jackpot, is by you first finding a completely random slot, then dissecting the reel strips.

You will need to find out how may reel symbols are on each reel strip and then find out how many jackpot symbols are on each reel and then a simple mathematical equation will allow you to get the true odds of you winning such a jackpot.

Obviously getting access to the reel strip layouts is not easy, however we have been able to do just that on the range of progressive jackpot awarding slot machines available at casino sites that operate using the Microgaming range of slots.

Therefore, below I am going to list several of their progressive slots and will be giving you an overview of how many spins on average it will take for the jackpot paying winning combination to line up on the pay line that awards the progressive jackpot.

The King CashaLot slot game from Microgaming is a nine-pay line, five-reel video slot and to have any chance of winning the progressive jackpot when playing that slot, you must put into play a maximum bet spin which will see you having all 9 lines activated.

The way in which that slot game has been designed, it will take on average 7,917,000 base game spins before the jackpot is awarded, that is the average figure of course so it could take fewer or more spins before the jackpot does get won.

You will also find a video slot version of the Major Millions slot game at Bitcoin accepting casinos that do have the range of Microgaming games on offer, and when playing maximum bet spins, which you must do to have a chance of winning that slot games jackpot your stake will be 3.00 in the currency you choose to play in.

That slot game has been designed to only award the progressive jackpot when the jackpot winning combination lines up on the fifteenth pay line and the number of spins it will take on average for a player to do just that is 7,484,400 spins!

If the thought of having to play off such a huge number of spins to win a progressive jackpot does put you off playing progressive slots, then I would advise you to consider playing one of the slots that have randomly awarded progressive jackpots.

Microgaming have designed and launched a range of Mega Moolah slots, and when playing any of those slots each time you play off a spin for any stake, you have the chance of triggering a bonus wheel spinning based bonus game on which one of the four progressive jackpot is guaranteed to be awarded to you one you play off that bonus game.

The four progressive jackpots do vary in size and value, however as the two lower valued ones get won many, many times a day there will always be a fair chance you will win one of them at some point in your slot playing session!