Been Offered Free Slot Spins? Always Read the Small Print!

You are going to have to get used to being bombarded with promotional emails when you sign up to most Bitcoin accepting casino sites!

That is one of the most utilized mediums casinos used when it comes to alerting their players of all current up and running promotional offers, deals and bonuses, and all casino sites have a steady stream of them available to their players.

The range and types of promotional offers you will be offered can vary greatly in value, but most casinos will want you to deposit at least something to be able to claim their promotional offers, as that way they get a chance of winning off you that deposit.

Whilst I tend to steer clear of claiming most casino bonuses, for I hate having to be tied into all manner of different terms and conditions and playing rules whilst using bonus credits, there are many players who will not play online unless they have been able to claim a bonus of some sort.

One type of bonus that is becoming popular at many casino sites is known as a set of free spins. By claiming that bonus, usually by depositing a certain amount into your casino account, you are then credited with a set of free spins on a specific slot.

The aim of those free spins is that as you are playing them off you will be able to keep the winnings you achieve. On the face of it they do sound good value bonuses. However, you need to always read the small print in the terms and conditions attached to claiming them for there can be some very unfair rules in place when you do read through those terms and conditions.

The first thing you should check is just how many free spins will be awarded to you, and whether every single pay line on that slot will be activated for your free spins. I have seen some shady casinos offering 100 free spins on a 50 pay line slot, but they then only put 5 of those pay lines into play for these types of promotions!

Also you will want the winnings you are lucky enough to make from your free spins being credited to you as cash credits, and not as bonus credits that will need playing through dozens of times before you can cash them out, so make sure your winnings are credited as cash and not as bonus credits.

One final thing to make a point of looking up is whether there are any caps on just how much you can win and then cash out from a set of free spins. If you can win only a certain amount or can only cash out a certain percentage of your winnings then those types of promotional offers are not usually worth claiming.

Imagine winning $1000.00 from a set of free spins, only to find out the maximum you can withdraw as winnings is $25.00! So my advice when you do come across such a bonus offer is to make sure you read through all of the terms and conditions associated with them!