Offshore Bitcoin Online Casinos – Are They Worth the Risk?

Have you been thinking about joining an online casino, and using Bitcoin as your chosen casino banking option? If so then you will have probably come across hundreds of different casino sites, and may be trying to discover just which ones, if any, will live up to your expectations.

The one main reason why players will prefer using Bitcoin to gamble online is often the fact that their home country of residence has made it impossible or extremely difficult to gamble online, due to that country not embracing online gaming.

Therefore in several countries, the USA included, the one feasible way that you can make deposits into a casino site and withdraw any winnings too is by using Bitcoin. It is illegal for US based banks to allow their customers to send or receive funds to a non-US licensed gambling site.

Only a small limited number of US States permit online gambling, and as such if you do wish to gamble online from any of the others, then you will be faced with having to sign up to one of the many offshore based gaming sites, and those sites are not usually licensed or regulated in any way.

In fact, some of the gambling licenses such sites proclaim to have, are simply business licenses, and offer no player protection what so ever and as such you need to weigh up the risks in regards to just which, if any online casino sites you do sign up to and gamble at.

If you live in the UK, Europe or some parts of Asia, then you are going to find your country of residence will often have a system and infrastructure in place that will allow them to license, regulate and oversee all gambling related sites based and operating there, and as such those should be the sites you always make a beeline to sign up to and play at.

However, if you do have no other option that gambling at an offshore based casino site then do some research online and discover just what other players have to say about the ones you are thinking of signing up to.

Also make sure that when you do use Bitcoin as both your preferred deposit option and withdrawal option that those deposits are instantly processed and credited to your account, and the casino site also pays out your winnings back to your Bitcoin wallet instantly too.

By sticking to playing at such sites, you will then hopefully receive all winning payouts instantly, and if not then you will know those sites are not worth gambling at.

It is also important that you only play at casino sites that have genuine casino games and ideally ones that have been supplied by one of the major companies in the online gaming environment, as by doing so you will then be guaranteed of fair and certified random games, which is what you will of course only ever want to play online!