Bitcoin Prepaid Debit Cards on the Way!

One of the problems that many people experience when they first start using Bitcoin is finding a low cost digital currency exchange at which to buy and sell their Bitcoin holdings.

With fees and charges always being at the forefront of digital currency user’s minds, and also with them also demanding access to their fiat currency when selling their digital currencies, it can be a mind numbing experience comparing just what each of the many different digital exchanges has to offer them in regards to speed, price and the levels of service they get too.

That is all about to change for a new service is about to be launched by the London Block Exchange that is going to issue prepaid debit cards to their clients that are going to be linked up via a very easy to use app to any cryptocurrency holding their customers have.

London Block Exchange is a new start up company, however with the experience of the man in charge it has so far been able to easily secure £2million from investors, and is about to start some serious inroads in regards to the digital currency exchange environment.

That prepaid debit card will be known as Dragoncard and will be a Visa card as opposed to a MasterCard, and the aim of the company is to offer a GBP to cryptocurrency exchange and let anyone use that debit card to convert all of the major digital currencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and Monero to sterling and use that card as one would use a standard Visa card.

The Dragoncard is going to be issued and supplied by Gibraltar based specialists Wavecrest and by linking it up to a London Block Exchange account, and then anyone will be able to load funds onto that card instantly at any time of their own choosing.

Adam Bryant is the London Block Exchange’s Executive Chairman, and he has had many years experience in the finance and banking industry having spent a total of 18 years working at Credit Suisse and having also worth at UBS too.

There will of course be fees and charges to be paid, however they are planning on capping the charges for both buying and selling cryptocurrencies at 0.05%, which will give them a very good competitive edge on their competitors.

There is a small fee of £20 to be paid for that prepaid debit card, and when using it for an ATM withdrawal a small fee will also be charged too.

London Block Exchange is however not the only company that is hoping to launch their own prepaid debit card linked up to a digital currency wallet type of account, for Revolut who are another start up in the industry is also looking at doing the exact same thing.

Whilst you may already be satisfied with your current digital currency exchange, if you are looking for an additional way to get very speedy access to your cash tied up in any of the major digital currencies then a prepaid debit card may be the solution you have been looking for.