Are High Risk Single Reel Re-Spin Bitcoin Slot Games Worth Playing?

The features and staking options on Bitcoin slot games can confuse even the most experienced of player, for the designers of such slots are famed for often putting into play on their newer slot games some form of unique playing structure or feature that players have never seen before.

One way of playing some video slots that you may never have come across before is known as a single reel re-spin feature.

When you come across such a slot you are always given the option of spinning all five reels for your chosen stake amount, or if you prefer you can opt to spin just one of the five reels with the other four locked into position or that spin.

However, there is an important aspect of those types of slot you need to be aware of, and that is the cost of spinning one reel will be dependent on just what symbols are in view on the four reels that you do not spin.

If there is a chance that you could form for example a high paying five of a kind winning payout by spinning just one reel, then the cost of that spin can be huge, however if there is no chance of you forming such a winning combination the cost of re-spinning that reel can be low, as low as just 0.01 in some instances.

Having played quite a number of those types of slots in the past I have found they can be extremely high risk, much higher than even the highest variance slot. For you could be charged hundreds of Pounds, Euros or Dollars, depending on the currency you are playing for, to spin just one reel!

Therefore if you ever do come across such a slot, and there is a very fair chance you will do when playing at must Bitcoin accepting casinos, I would advise extreme caution in regards to spinning just one reel as opposed to all five.

Whilst it is perfect feasible when you are charged a huge stake amount to spin just one reel instead of all five of them that you spin in a huge paying winning combination, the opposite is always a very real possibility, and as such you could decimate even the largest of bankrolls when you do play with just one reel being re-spun.

Probably the best way to see if those types of slots are going to be ones you will find exciting to play and much more importantly ones that you can afford to play is by setting out and playing them via the demo mode version of the slots.

Keep in mind though that each slot will have its own long term expected payout percentage, irrespective of whether you spin five or just one reel, so there are no incentives to spin just one reel other than you getting something of a much more exciting yet high cost type of playing experience.

But the rewards can be there for the taking if you are prepared to play them for high stakes when spinning just one reel, so they will certainly appeal to some players for sure!