Best Playing Bitcoin Video Slot Games

I want every single visitor to this website to have the information available to them that will help them pick out and then play the exact type of casino games that appeal to them the most.

As such this particular slot machine playing guide is going to be enlightening you on what makes video slot machines so unique and so fun to play too.

You are going to often find hundreds of different video slot games on offer at you no matter in which playing environment you choose to play in or at, however for the maximum excitement and winning opportunities it is often the video slots that players will make a beeline to play.

The one main difference between a video slot and most other categories of slot machines you can play, is that they give players a huge range of different options in regards to not only the stakes they can play them for but also things such as how many pay lines they can activate and put into play too.

In fact, the vast majority of video slot machines available at our featured casino sites will offer one or more bonus games and/or bonus features that can be awarded to you on any spin, and some of those bonus games and bonus features could be huge paying ones too!

Types of Video Slot Bonus Games and Bonus Features

There are around three or four commonly found bonus games that you will have the chance of triggering when playing most video slot machines, and as such I will not give you an insight into just what those bonus games are and how they play off.

Two different types of picking games are available on quite a large number of video slot machines, the first is a pick and match type of bonus game on which you have to pick off locations from the bonus game screen until you get a matching set to then be awarded with the associated winning payouts.

Pick and win bonus games are very easy to play off for you just pick off locations from the screen and each one will reveal a cash value which you are then awarded. Free spins bonus games will award you with a set number of frees spins which come with a multiplier value to boost the value of your winning payouts.

Also some slot games now offer a wheel spinning type of bonus game on which you simply spin the bonus wheel when awarded and win the value displayed on the segment of the wheel that spins in opposite the win arrow!

Claiming Bonuses Will Extend Your Play Time!

Make sure that you try and get the maximum play time and winning chances out of your crypto-currency deposits when you fancy playing slot games. One of the best ways you can do so is to make use of the many different bonus offers that all casinos site make available to their slot players.

Whilst the will be no shortages of different slot game related bonus you can claim and make use of, not all of them are generous and high valued ones so you should shop around and bag the better valued ones only!