What RTP’s Are Available on Bitcoin Slot Machines?

It is the highest payout percentages any savvy Bitcoin casino slot player is going to be looking for, and one thing you are going to discover, is that the payout percentages on each slot you come across can and will be different than other slot games payout percentages!

With that in mind, you will probably like the fact that most casino sites these days will make their slot game RTP’s available to you somewhere on their site. You could strike gold and find a casino site that lists them on their website, which will obviously make spotting the higher paying slots a breeze.

However, some casino sites that accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies may hide that information away on the help files attached each slot or even list there somewhere on the pay tables.

So you could have your work cut out trying to track down the all important RTP’s when playing at some casino sites, but it really is something you should allocate some time to doing.

Now, all slot games and in fact every other casino game found at Bitcoin casinos are fair and in most cases provably fair, so whilst each spin will be completely random those slots offering high payout percentages will return more of you stake money as winning payouts.

The average RTP’s you will find attached to most of those slots will fall within the 94% to 96% ranges, but some slots do offer much lower RTP’s most noticeably the progressive jackpot awarding slots, so try and avoid playing those slots.

Also be aware that I have seen quite a lot of recently launched slots that offer payout percentages as high as 97%, 98% and even 99%! However, what I have also discovered about many of those much higher paying slots is that they will often come with a high variance type of playing structure and format.

As such, whilst you will get a far change of winning more when playing them, those high variance playing structures and formats can see you achieving some poor paying sessions but occasionally some mega paying sessions too.

As long as you do make a point of playing only those slots with say a payout percentage of over 96% you should get a fair amount play time over the long term and will of course end up earning more comp points too, as you will be recycling your bankroll more times over the long term when playing them too.

If you throw caution to the wind however, and simply start playing the very first slots you come across when logged into any Bitcoin casino site you do run the risk of playing a lower paying slot, and if you do then do not expect your bankroll to last very long when playing such slots!

Being random games though even the very highest paying slot machines can at times run and play cold, so don’t expect to always win when playing a slot, even if it does have a huge and appealing RTP!