Pros and Cons of Playing Progressive Bitcoin Slots

You need to keep in mind that when you are playing any type of Bitcoin progressive slot game that is networked to other slots and other casinos a percentage of your stake money is being used to feed the jackpot pool.

As such what you do tend to find is that slots offering one or more progressive jackpot tend to have lower than average payout percentages on the base game element of the slot, so if you never win a progressive jackpot you will find those slots can be very low paying ones when playing them!

There are however lots of different types and categories of progressive slots, network wide slot games are linked into different casino sites so what you will tend to find those slot offering are huge life changing jackpots due to them being played by lots of players at different casino sites their jackpot tend to grow very quickly.

Your chances of winning a network wide progressive jackpot are tiny and as such you will probably bets best advised to avoid playing such slots, unless you are feeling very lucky!

Local progressive jackpots found at some Bitcoin casino sites are only to be found in the one casino site you are playing at, and as such it is players stakes at that one casino site that are feeding the jackpot pools.

However, as you would expect the jackpots on those slots do not grow in value very quickly, unless you are playing at a very busy casino site and the jackpots do not get won that often either.

If you do fancy playing a progressive jackpot paying Bitcoin slot that is much more likely to award you with its progressive jackpot, then my advice would be for you to play the slots that have guaranteed hit by progressive jackpots.

Those types of slots will offer one or possibly more than one progressive jackpot, however they will not grow in value higher than their guaranteed hit by amount, and whilst the jackpot or jackpots can be won at any time, they will always be awarded before they hit their payout limit.

If you do come across such a slot and the jackpot is very close to its hit by amount then you should start playing that slot, as that jackpot is very soon going to be awarded to a player.

Always stick to playing a Bitcoin casino sites that have rules in place that stipulate all progressive jackpot winners are going to be paid out their winnings via a one single withdrawal, for sadly some casinos drip feed players jackpots to them over weeks, months or even years.

It will be your decision however just which progressive slots if any you do decide to play, but one final thing to note is that any slot that has just paid out a progressive jackpot may not do so again for a very long time, so let the jackpot values increase before you do play such slots online.