Bitcoin Betting Exchanges

There are three things rgat a sports better will be looking for when they have placed any type of bet, they will want to know they have taken the best odds available, and also they will be hoping their bet does win and also they get paid out their winnings rapidly too.

When you do place any type of bet at a sportsbook, bookmakers or general betting site, the owner of that site will always have a built in house edge on each betting opportunity available. That house edge is often referred to as an over-round.

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The aim of a betting site of any type of quality is to get a good mix of bets placed on every single betting market they are offering, so that they can and will achieve a profit.

However, once you do get a good understanding of the way such sites work and operate you will always discover that built in over-round can be staggeringly high, and as such the odds you will find available to you at different sites may not be as high as you have hoped for!

Quite a number of years ago a company launched an online betting platform called Flutter, that allowed sports fans to place bets and wagers amongst themselves, and as such anyone using that betting platform could place bets with other punters, but could also offer odds on any sporting event too.

That peer to peer betting site became hugely popular for the betting exchange it offered proved very popular with punters for with them being able to ask for or offer their own odds those odds available tended to be much higher and much more appealing than those found at general and more established betting sites.

That company become BetFair and is now one of the biggest betting exchanges you will find online, however there are some other betting exchanges that work and operate in much the same way.

In fact, Ladbrokes one of the biggest bookmakers in the UK recently bought out one such betting exchange that being BetDaq and now they have it as part of their portfolio of gambling sites.

There are plenty of advantages of choosing to use a betting exchange, for you can and will be able to take bets on any sporting event you can think of and will be able to offer odds for other punters to take.

If the bets you have laid to other punters win you have to pay them out their winnings, but if those bets lose then you keep their stake money.

To ensure complete fair play and to allow rapid winning payouts when you place a bet your stakes are taken out of your account instantly, and when you lay a bet with another customer your potentially losses are then taken out of your account.

Once the result is known on each sporting event or sporting fixture the winner will then be paid out their winnings, or in the case of layers they will be paid out back into their account the stakes from the other punter along with those potential losses orignally taken out of their accounts.

The way in which a betting exchange makes their money is by charging a small commission on whichever customer of theirs wins, the commission can and does vary depending on which betting exchange you are using.

However, some betting exchanges will reduce their commission if you do place high volumes of bets or lay high volumes of bets, so there are some additional benefits to be had by concentrating all of your betting activities at just one betting exchange.