Best Bitcoin 3 Reel Slots to Play Online

To be perfectly honest 3 reel slot games are not deigned to be some of the most exciting slots that you can play, for they do tend to come with a very basic design.

You will however find that whilst some of the older three reel Bitcoin slots come with just a small number of optional paylines and rarely if ever come with any bonus games or bonus features, some of the more recently launched ones will.

If you are simply looking for a basic and non complicated type of slot playing experience then you will be best advised to stick to playing the older types of 3 reel slots, for when playing them you will only have to make one decision, that being the stake levels you choose to put into live play!

There is however something worth noting about such slots and that is when faced with one offering just one single pay line you will often find there is an enhanced jackpot up for grabs when you play maximum coins on the pay lines.

Plus, you will find that these types of slots which offer more than one payline, often offer a much higher valued and sometimes enhanced jackpot on the highest numbered pay line too.

As such it will pay dividends for you to check the pay table of any three reel slot you do fancy playing, just to see if there are any enhanced jackpot payouts on offer, and if so then either play maximum coins spins on the single reel slots, or activate every single payline on those slots offering your multiple different pay lines.

There are some slots in this category that will offer you the chance of trigger some type of bonus game, however those bonus games tend to be rather basic in their design, such as a simple pick to win styled bonus round or a wheel spinning based bonus game.

Those slots often come with a fixed coin staking options too and will often require you to have to play maximum coins spin or maximum pay line spins to have a chance of triggering their respective bonus games.

Wild symbols will also be found on these types of slot games too, and if you fancy playing some of the much higher variants slots, then make a beeline to play those that have wild multiplier symbols on their reels, as when those symbols spin in and help you form winning combinations your payouts get boosted by the value of the multipliers.

One final thing you should always be aware of is that the long term expected RTP’s of Bitcoin three reel slots can and do vary from machine to machine, so always look up the RTP of any slot you may be about to play and don’t bother playing it if it is set at anything lower than 96%!