What Is A Cluster Pays Structured Bitcoin Slot?

It doesn’t matter how much experience you have at playing slot machines in any playing environment, due to the fact there are so many designers of slot machines and as they are always launching plenty of brand new slot games, you are going to often come across playing structures attached to new slots that you have never come across before.

I have put together a huge number of different Bitcoin related slot playing guides throughout this website, and as such you are going to find plenty of them available to you that will enlighten you on how every single type of slot machine plays and pays.

One type of slot you may not have come across before are ones that offers something known as a Cluster Pays playing structure. Those Bitcoin slots require you to play for a set number of coins per spin, but you do get the chance of increasing the increments of coins you wager per spin.

The way in which a Cluster Pays slot game works and operates is actually very easy to understand, for all that you need to do when playing such a slot is to get enough of the same matching reel symbols landing on the screen so that they are clustered together on the screen. The more matching symbols that are clustered together then the higher in value your winning payout will become.

It is not only Cluster Pays structured slot games that you are going to find offer you a set stake amount and lots of winning opportunities, for there are plenty of what are known as All Pays slots that give you the ability of playing for just a small set number of coins per spin.

One of the major advantages of playing a slot offering an All Pays playing structure is that you will find you have either hundreds or even thousands of different ways to form any number of winning combinations, and as such they do tend to be very cost effective slots to play online.

All that you will be required to do when paying such slots is to spin in, anywhere on the screen from reel number one and then on adjacent reels, is the required number of matching reel symbols to form a winning payout.

Plus, as those types of slot games also often have things such as stacked or expanding wild symbols, you do get the chance of forming hundreds or even thousands of winning combinations if and when you get lots of wild symbols spinning into view.

So do consider giving some of the many Bitcoin All Pays and Cluster Pays slots some play time online and compare each of them, as you will probably find you do enjoy playing them, much more than the standard types of video slots offering optional pay line playing structures!

It is important to remember that no matter what playing structure is going to be on offer to you on any slot game you do set about playing, they will all have been designed to return a certain payout percentage in regards to players stakes paid out as winnings over the long term.

So no matter how unique or interesting a slot machine may look you should always stick to playing the ones that do have some of the highest possible payout percentages attached and on offer on them.

That information is now actually very easy to find as most casinos are legally required to list the payout percentages on all of their slot games on their websites, or on the slot games pay table or help files.