Will Online Casinos Cash In On the Las Vegas Shooting Tragedy?

Any incident such as the one at the Mandalay Bay Casino over in Las Vegas in which dozens of people were killed and hundreds of people injured is always a tragedy.

However, with Las Vegas being such a major tourist destination, many people involved in the gambling industry predicted a sharp downturn in visitors, and expected many gamblers to stay at home and get their gambling fix by playing online casino games instead of real life ones.

With the online gambling environment in the USA being such a grey area, the only way that the vast majority of US citizens are able to play and gamble online is to sign up to an offshore based casino site and use a payment method such as Bitcoin.

All US banks have been instructed to decline transactions into gambling sites that are not licensed in the USA when their customers try and use a debit or credit card issued by such banks.

It is very true to say that the Mandalay Bay Casino did see a downturn in customers and lots of cancellations in the days after the shooting, and were forced to lay off a few hundred staff. However, bookings have begun to increase and now the casino resort is at 80% occupancy.

Las Vegas as a whole has been through many ups and downs in the last couple of decades, however it has always managed to stay strong and ride out the bad times.

Currently, as I write this news story I am in Las Vegas, and whilst the city is fairly quiet, that is down to the time of year, and it isn’t going to be until Thanks Giving Day that the crowds should return.

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