Which Bitcoin Casino Loyalty Schemes Award More Bonus Credits?

A casino loyalty scheme is often referred to as a comp club or reward scheme, and by playing at any online casino site you are going to be earning additional extras, based on the level of real money gaming action you give that casino site.

There is nothing complicated in regards to the way they are run and operate, for every time you place real money wagers or as series of wagers of a certain value then you are awarded with a set number of comp points determined by the casino.

The aim is simply for you to play for as long as you like in a real money playing environment, and the more you play the more points you will then accumulate. It doesn’t matter if any wagers you place win or lose you will always earn points when placing a bet when playing any casino game.

You are then going to be given the ability of exchanging the points you’ve so far amassed and swap them for playing credits, sometimes those playing credits come with a play through requirement but sometimes, depending on where you play, they could be awarded as cash credits which you are free to cash out or play with.

The way in which you are going to be earning more comp points when playing any real money casino games is by you getting more play time out of them, or by playing for high stake amounts.

Not everyone is of course going to want to play for very high stake levels, and as such if you are something of a low rolling player then you need to look out for the games which come with either the very highest of payout percentages or the lowest house edges.

By concentrating all of your playing efforts on games that do have payout percentages or low house edges you will get more play time from your bankroll and more winning payouts over the long term.

By being able to recycle your bankroll more times when playing those high paying casino games you will then naturally earn more comp points. But keep in mind not every session you do have when playing high paying games are going to be winning ones, but over time and in the long term you will definitely get more winning payouts from those games.

So the very next time you choose to play at an online casino, make sure you find out which are the games which offer the highest paybacks over the long term and stick to playing them!

One mistake that many players will make is that they will try and earn as many comp points as they can during any session and may become obsessed with earning enough points to make it to another of any casinos multi-tiered loyalty club scheme.

You should always look at comps as a nice little addition to your bankroll when you cash them in and never play solely to try and keep your player ranking and comp club status high.

If you do keep on playing with the hope of earning more and more comp points you will then always be up against the house edge of the game you are playing, and you could lose way more money overall than you could ever hope to get back in comped playing credits.

So always set yourself a budget and also have a winning goal in mind, and when you spend up or reach your goal stop playing.