Playing Classic Bitcoin Slots Optimally

Signing up to a Bitcoin casino site is going to see hundreds of different types of games then becoming available to you. Therefore you are always going to be guaranteed of finding the exact types of games you love playing and will be able to pick and choose the ones that appeal to you the most.

However, it is very true to say that slot players in particular do always get access to the largest range of games, for slot machines are hugely popular with players and there are of course many different categories of slots you could prefer playing too.

If you like the basic design of Classic slots, those being the machines on which there are just three reels, rarely any animations and/or additional graphics in play as you play them and slots on which you only have to worry about activating one single payline, then this guide is going to be worth reading through for sure!

I am going to be passing onto you below, some ways that you can play Bitcoin Classic slot machines online with the best playing strategy, and by paying attention and putting what I am about to tell you into play when you play them, you may find you get more winning slot playing sessions than losing ones, or at the very least should get much more play time out of your Bitcoin gambling bankroll!

The Bitcoin Classic slots you choose to play will be important, and I would strongly suggest you stick to playing those that have payout percentages of at the very least 97%.

To look up the payout percentage of each slot available to you at any Bitcoin accepting casino site you simply have to check the websites of those sites or the pay tables or help files of each individual slot, as that is where the payout percentage information is usually hidden!

The actual stakes you play Classic Slot games for can also affect the chances of you wining, or getting a much better and higher winning payout.

With that in mind check the pay table of the slots you are thinking of playing and look at the jackpot payout in particular.

If that jackpot is in anyway enhanced I value when you are playing the maximum number of coins per spin allowed on that slot, then it will be maximum coin spins you should be playing to take advantage of that high payout when the jackpot paying winning combination is finally spun in for you! Adjust the coin value settings if you need to, to make playing maximum on spins affordable

One other thing to keep your eyes peeled for are slot bonuses that come with low play through requirements. If you find a bonus with a play through of less than 30% of your bonus credits only and there are no payout caps in regards to how much you can win and then cash out on such bonuses they will often be worth claiming.