Best Microgaming Progressive Games to Play Right Now!

There are so many different games that you can get stuck into playing at an online casino site, if you are thinking of doing so today then make sure you spend some time looking at just what games are available at your chosen casino site.

In fact, as most casinos offer the range of Microgaming designed games then that means you are going to have access to some of the highest paying progressive jackpot games at those sites, and today I will be letting you know just which ones you should be playing!

The best progressive games to play at any casino site will be the ones that have jackpots so high in value that they are about to payout those jackpots and the way to work out which ones may be above to payout their respective jackpots is is by working out just how much on average each of those games payout to jackpot winners.

Once you know how much the average jackpot amount won is, then you can look for the games which currently have overdue jackpots attached to them.

To make doing so easy, below are the games that right now currently have progressive jackpots on offer that are higher that the average jackpot payout amounts, and as such the following games from Microgaming are the ones you should be tracking down and playing!

Microgaming also have a unique rule in place which states when a progressive jackpot is won those players who win them are paid the jackpots out in a single lump sum payout!

It can often be the older slot games that you may enjoy playing, and one slot that does currently have an overdue jackpot attached and on offer on it is the Major Millions slot.

The Major Millions slot requires players to play for a stake of £3 to have any chance of winning its progressive jackpot, but by playing that slot right now and for that stake amount you have the chance of winning over £935,221 which is much higher than its average jackpot payout amount of some £804,973!

You may not have a very large bankroll available to get stuck into playing progressive slot games online, and if that is the case then how about giving the LotsaLoot slot game some play time right now.

The LotsaLoot slot is a low stake progressive jackpot slot from Microgaming offering both a classic slot and video slot version of the game and when playing it you could win over £23,292 right now, which is quite a bit more than its average jackpot payout amount, which in case you are wondering is £17,389!

The Cash Splash slot is a slot machine that you can usually rely on to payout its jackpots quite often, for on average it does so very regularly, however it hasn’t done so for quite some time and as such its jackpot is now very high at some £62,249.

When you take into account that the average jackpot amount won on that progressive slot game is some £16,693 you can see for yourself why I have chosen to list it!