Playtech Progressive Games with Overdue Jackpots

As someone who enjoys playing casino games you are always going to be best advised to keep your eyes peeled for those games that have progressive jackpots on offer, and be prepared to start playing them if and when their jackpots become high and very overdue.

The reason for me saying that of course is that any progressive jackpot awarding casino game that does have a jackpot that hasn’t been won in the average amount of time it usually takes players to win it is going to bang out its jackpot sooner rather than later, and that is hat today’s news story is all about!

As you will already have figured out from the title of this news story, I have had a quick look through the current values of each of the progressive jackpot awarding games on offer at casino sites that offer the Playtech range of casino games, and will present to you those games that do have overdue jackpots.

Just keep in mind that each game is random so the jackpots could be won at any time, and there may also be a requirement for you to play them in a certain way, such as playing for maximum stakes or playing very single pay line on a slot machine to have any chance of winning a progressive jackpot.

As long as you are aware of the above, and do want to try your luck playing Playtech progressive jackpot games, then the following ones really should be high up on your list of games to play sooner rather than later!

The Frankie Dettori’s Golden 7 slot is a relatively new games from Playtech on which you could win a huge jackpot, and now is going to be a great time to give it your best shot, for its current jackpot is a whopping €533,897 and as its average jackpot payout amount is €429,612 that does of course mean it is overdue and may just be awarded to one lucky player.

You should also check out and play the Egyptian themed Queen of the Pyramids slot that being the 25c version of that slot, for its jackpot is currently at a huge €149,708 which is higher than the average jackpot awarded on that game of €43,486.

If fact, that slot games jackpot is on average won every 21 days but it currently hasn’t been won in over 169 days, so it is certain a progressive jackpot  that is very overdue and must be won soon!

There is one more slot game I think may be worth your time and effort tracking down today and that is the Lotto Madness slot. The jackpot on that slot may not be as huge as some other slot games but it gets won on average every 34 days.

By playing the Lotto Madness progressive version of the slot today then you have the chance of winning over €74,298 which is much more than it average jackpot payout amount of some €66,152!