Level Up Video Poker a Game for the Brave!

Thanks to the auto hold feature attached and on offer on most video poker games if you do enjoy playing any type of video poker games, you will find that by turning that option setting on, you are then going to be playing one of the lowest house edge casino games available.

You will not be making any playing errors wither, however, the pay table of every single variant will ultimately dictate the house edge and the payout percentage, and as a savvy player you will always be advised to play the best paying variant!

Having said that though, with most Bitcoin casinos now offering single hand, multi hand and even progressive video poker games you really are spoilt for choice, in fact when playing at Microgaming Bitcoin accepting casino sites you have the option of playing a range of level up video poker games.

Those games do however come with something of a high variance type of playing structure and format, and that is quite unusual for video poker games, for when placing your initial stake you have to wager four stakes per hand and not the standard one of them.

Plus, there is a chance that you could lose the additional three stakes you place if the very first hand you play off is not a winning hand, and as such those games are aimed at high risk players who want the chance of winning big.

The way in which Level Up video poker games are unique is that when the first hand you play off per game is a winning one you get paid out at the standard pay backs as listed on the pay table of the variant you are playing, but then the game moves onto the second stage of the game.

That will see you playing off another hand but the payouts on the pay table are doubled for that hand. You will of course be hoping that hand turns out to be a winning one for if so you receive not only the double payout, but you then move onto playing off another hand on which x4 multipliers come into play for that hand.

If that hand does turn out to be a winning one you then move onto the fourth and final hand, and that hand can be boosted by eight times its pay table listed value if it is a winning one!

This game is certainly one to consider playing for with some luck in playing the payouts you could achieve if all four hands you initially paid for are winning ones, and are also higher ranked hands, however there is also the very real risk a run or losing hands could decimate your bankroll.

So if you do come across Bitcoin level up video poker games and you don’t want to see your bankroll being eaten away far too quickly, you should set the coin values down low, which is of course something you will be able to do! Even when playing for low stakes those multiplier values could help you achieve some huge paying hands.