What Bitcoin Video Poker Staking Options Are Available Online?

The stakes at which you choose to play any casino games for is of course up to you. However, to ensure you always stay in control and never play with money you cannot afford to lose you are going to be best advised to play games that have fully configurable staking options, whilst also setting yourself a budget to gamble with.

In regards to the stake levels at which you can play games such as video poker games, you are going to find most online casino sites offer a range of multi-denomination games.

Therefore you are going to be able to configure each hand of video poker you play off, no matter which variant you have chosen to play, for a coin value setting you can afford.

But when playing some variants you will find that when you play maximum coin hands, you often have the chance of winning an enhanced jackpot payout, and as such the optimal way to play such games is by activating and playing the maximum number of coins per hand.

But to make doing so affordable and to allow you to gamble within your means, you should set the coin value settings to ones that will enable you to get a fair amount of play time, from your set aside gambling bankroll!

You are going to not only find video poker games that will allow you to have in place a range of different coin values, but every now and then you will come across some of those types of casino card games that have fixed coin value settings.

Obviously when playing such games you will have no control what so ever over the coin values you can have in play, but you will have the ability of choosing just how many coins per hand you do activate and wager.

The types of video poker games that do have fixed coin values attached to them are usually the progressive jackpot awarding video poker games, and the most commonly available ones which have fixed coin values have coin values of 1.00 on offer.

You will however find the odd casino here and there that have slightly lower fixed on value settings on offer on their progressive jackpot paying video poker games.

But one thing you will discover is that to have any chance of winning the jackpot on such games you are required to have to put into play the maximum number of coins per hand. So make sure that is something you do!

Apart from the progressive jackpot awarding video poker games you are going to be more than welcome to play any other types of video poker game variants at all of our top rated casino sites for free.

With that in mind and as many of our featured and top rated casinos also have no download required gaming platforms, if you do fancy playing a range of those types of casino card games at no risk to see how they all play and pay you can do so at any time.

One thing to be aware of is that when you claim any bonuses either as a new player or as a regular player at many different casinos you may find the play through requirements are a tad higher than if you chose to play for example slot machines.

The reason the play through requirements can be a little bit higher is that video poker games in general tend to have such high long term expected payout percentages!