Play the Granny Prix Scratchcard Game Online

There are loads of different scratchcard games that you are going to be able to play, at various different online casino sites, and one game that does get a lot of attention from players is the Granny Prix game!

It is a medium variance game, and as such if you do give it a fair amount of play time you are going to get a good mix of winning payouts, however being a game from Microgaming you do always have the chance of winning a fairly large jackpot too.

Play Granny Prix Scratchcard Using Bitcoin Below

Various Welcome Offers

The basic design of this scratchcard is that you simply have to match three of six possible matching symbols and by doing so you will then win the associated payout with the winning symbols you have matched.

What many players do like about playing scratchcard games at Bitcoin accepting casino sites is that you are going to be able to select some fairly low and modest stake levels at which to play them for, and as such they are games that every player is going to be able to afford to play.

There are six different Granny symbols that could be uncovered as you are scratching off the six panels on each card and it is the colour of the grannies hats that are different.

The lowest value winning payout is two times your stake which is awarded when you match three grannies with the red hat on. The next prize is a three times you stake for getting three grannies in green hats, and a five times your stake is awarded when you get three grannies with blue hats on.

The cash payout get a little bigger in value when you get three grannies with pink hats on, and a one hundred times your stake is paid out to you if three grannies are revealed wearing the yellow hats.

The biggest cash prize on offer is a two and a half thousand times your stake when you reveal three of the grannies wearing the orange hats, and as such when playing for a stake of $10 or the equivalent in Bitcoin that will add up to a huge winning payout of $25,000!

You may be interested to learn that the way in which you can play off each card is by either using your mouse and wiggling it over each panel or you can simply click onto the reveal all button and by doing so all of the symbols on the card will be scratched off automatically for you.

One final thing to keep in mind that as Microgaming do design scratchcard games for online and mobile casino sites you will find plenty of them on offer at different Bitcoin accepting casino sites that have their range of games on offer to players.

Comps will also be earned as you are playing and most casino sites will also allow you to use bonuses on their scratchcard games too.