Different Types of Sport Related Bets and Wagers

You may already be fully aware of just how many different types of bets and wagers you can place when betting on any sporting activity, however if not then this guide will give you an insight into the most popular types of bets placed online.

Make sure though, that if you do want to start betting online and wish to use Bitcoin as your preferred method for depositing and making withdrawals, that you stick to betting at fully licensed and regulated sites, to avoid any potential problems!

The most commonly placed sports bet is a simple outright winner type of bet, and as the name suggests you simply have to pick the winning team, athlete, horse or greyhound on whichever sporting event you have placed you bet on.

When you place your bet you will be offered odds on your selection winning, and if your bet is a winning one you are paid out at those odds. However, when betting on horse racing and greyhound racing you can refuse those odds offered to you an instead accept the starting price on your selection, that is declared after each race is run.

Those of you that are looking for a slightly lower risk type of betting opportunity may be interested in placing an each way, show or place type of bet. Those bets will award you with a winning payout if your selection finishes in one of the listed winning places for the event you have bet on.

An each way bet is however a two part bet, as opposed to a single bet, and as such you need to place two wagers on such a bet and if you selection wins you are paid out accordingly, but if your selection wins and/or is placed in that event you get a second payout too.

A Forecast bet allows you to bet on a range of different races covering many different sports, and when placing such a bet you have to pick two selections that will finish first and second in the order you have listed them on your betting slip.

A Reverse Forecast type of bet will allow you to pick two selections that must finish in first and second but in any older but you need to place two wagers on those types of bets to cover your selections in each possible placing.

A Tricast bet is another commonly available bet, but when placing such a bet you need to select the first, second and third placed finisher of any race in the correct order. A full cover Tricast bet pays out if your selections finishes first, second or third in any order, but that bet requires 6 bets to cover your selections in each possible placed position.

You will also find that on some types of sporting event such as football or rugby matches you have the opportunity of placing a correct sore bet, and to place such a bet you have to simply predict the final score of any match, and if you do you will be paid out according to the odds offered to you when placing your bet.

There are actually hundreds of different types of bets and wager that you can place across the spectrum of different sporting events and sport types, and as such please do make use of some of the additional sports betting sites on our website, for you will discover just which bets can be placed on a range of different sporting events when you do so.

Always bet responsibly though, and always stick you to your pre-planned budget, for you could end up getting carried away when betting online and there is a very real chance you could lose way more than you intended if you don’t stick to your gambling budget limits!