Does Microgaming’s Jackpot Thermometer Work?

There are lots of additional tools you will find on offer to you if you play at a Microgaming powered casino site, and many of those sites are starting to offer their customer digital currency payment options too.

As such if you have been looking around for a casino site at which to play at that not only accepts digital currencies such as Bitcoin, but also offer plenty of additional player tools and option settings too, then do consider playing at a casino site using Microgaming’s gaming platforms.

There is one unique aspect of their casino games however, and that is when you log into your account you are going to find something called the Jackpot Thermometer animation alongside each of the many hundreds of different games in the game menu.

That animation is going to give you a reading as to whether each game is currently hot or cold.

The way in which it will be determined whether a game is currently hot or cold is in regards to how many jackpots each game has paid out recently, based on the chances of those jackpots being paid out to players based on the rules and probability of each game.

As such if you see a hot reading alongside for example a slot machine, that that particular slot has been paying out jackpots to players recently, however a cold reading is the exact opposite and as such that slot hasn’t awarded any jackpots recently and those jackpots are overdue.

The Jackpot Thermometer is accurate, however it is how you utilize the reading in regards to whether you pay each game or not, that you will either find beneficial or not in regards to helping you select a game to play, but any tool that can help you decide if a game is worth playing or not is worth investigating!

Many people will believe that if they play a slot with a cold reading, then there is a much increased chance of them winning a jackpot on that game, as the jackpot is overdue and is bound to payout sooner rather than later.

But keep in mind each slot game is completely random and has been certified as being so, and as such there are no guarantees that any slot that hasn’t paid out its jackpot will be about to do so!

Some players will make a beeline to play the slots with a hot reading, as they believe those slot games will continue to  bang out their jackpots, but that is also not going to be guaranteed due to the random nature of those slots.

It is of course going to be up to you which slots you play or in fact what types of casino games you do play at any casino site, but if you are struggling to select which games to play at Microgaming casino sites, and they do tend to have hundreds of different games, then consider using the Jackpot Thermometer to guide you towards the games you could choose to play!