Easy to Play 3 Reel Bitcoin Slots

Many players will get confused in regards to the categories of different slot machines that they can get stuck into playing at various different crypto-currency casino sites, and with that in mind I have compiled several different slot playing guides that cover every single category of slot you will come across!

As you have probably already guessed from the title of this particular guide I am going to be enlightening you on just what makes 3 Reel Slot games and machines unique, and as such if you are interested in playing a very wide range of slots do make sure you read this guide and the additional ones dotted around this website!

A 3 Reel slot is of course one that only has three reels, and they can be quite low cost slot games to play for generally they offer players the chance of playing from one right up to twenty seven pay lines per spin.

It is some of the older slots in this category that some players like playing the most as those slots offer no form of bonus games and bonus features so you get a basic type of playing structure and are always going to be able to play a very large number of spins in a short space of time too!

Which 3 Reel Slots Should I Play?

You can often find that you will be attracted towards a 3 reel slot that has a distinctive theme, however what you should always be doing is finding out just what jackpots you can win on each of them and also much more importantly what the payout percentages are too.

Slot machines by their very nature have been designed to be completely random, but when you play at a Bitcoin or crypto-currency casino site you also have the added advantage of being able to prove for yourself that every single spin you play off is fair and provably random.

The payout percentages however can and do vary greatly from machine to machine and as such the general rule I stick to when playing 3 Reel slots is to only ever play those on which the long term expected payout percentage has been set at over 96%.

Using Bonuses on 3 Reel Slot Games

If you have been looking around this website you will no doubt have seen plenty of different Bitcoin and crypto-currency casino sites being reviewed and showcased throughout it.

Each of those casino sites will be offering players some form and type of sign up welcome bonuses and a plethora of ongoing promotional offers and deals too, and you may be wondering which ones are going to be the best ones for you to claim.

I prefer claiming deposit math bonuses for those will, if they have been designed as at the very least 100% deposit match bonuses, give you a much greater amount of bonus credits, but it will always be the terms and conditions attached to each bonus that will determine just how generous or not they are, so always read through the terms and conditions before you claim any such bonus online!