Using a Casinos’ Alternative Dispute Resolution Service

As long as you carefully select the casino sites at which to play at, you are unlikely to ever experience any problems that the casinos own support staff is unable or unwilling to sort out and rectify on the spot for you.

However, there could always come a time when you do run into a problem and for whatever reason the casino site you are playing at is unable to sort out for you, and one of the most common casino complaints are associated with bonuses.

Claiming bonuses and using the bonus credits you are awarded with should never be problematic, but every now and then a player may fall foul of the terms and conditions of a bonus offer and see their winnings cancelled out and voided by a casino.

When that happens a player is going to be rather annoyed if not angry, much more so when they feel they did not break any of the bonus play rules.

If you do ever experience such a problem or you have any other type of problems associated with a casino site you are playing at, and the casinos support staff and management team cannot resolve those problems then you do have a couple of options available to you.

The first option is to make contact with the Gambling Commission or the Gaming Authority that issued that casino with its gaming license. By doing so you will often find they have a complaints resolution service on offer and you will then be able to submit your complaint to them and they will then try and resolve it.

But I have noticed that some of the most respected Gambling Commissions do not offer any type of dispute resolution service. Take for example the UK Gambling Commission that is both a highly respected and one that does have some very strict rules in place in regards to how any type of gambling site operator or company must adhere to.

But in regards to player complaints, instead of handing them the UKGC requires their license holders to utilize the services of something known as an Alternative Dispute Resolution Service.

That is simply a third party company or organisation chosen by the casino that players with any complaints or problems can turn to and get an unbiased and legally binding resolution to their complaints or any type of problem they have experienced when playing at any mobile or online casino site.

Be aware thought that even if you do feel you have a genuine grievance with a casino site, you may have fallen foul to the terms and conditions displayed on a casinos website, and not every complaint submitted to an Alternative Dispute Resolution Service goes the players’ way!

But it is always good to know that by playing at licensed online casino sites you are always going to have at least one channel available to you in which you can submit any complaints and get them looked into.