Bitcoin Fruit Machines a Fun Alternative to Slot Machines

Whilst you are probably never going to get bored of playing Bitcoin slot machines, much more so the video slots offering bonus games and bonus features, there are some alternatives you can play.

One type of slot machine that can be and often is overlooked by players are what are known as Fruit Machines, and when playing them they are going to award their respective bonus games a huge number of times more than a standard video slot game will ever award their bonus games!

Upon first appearance Fruit Machines can look rather complicated slot games to play, due to the way they have been designed, but the base game of such games are quite easy to understand as you have just three reels and one pay line.

However, as soon as you spin the reels you can then either be awarded with a randomly triggered bonus features such as a hold or a nudge feature, or you can trigger the many different bonus games.

Those bonus games should see you working your way around a bonus board, or trying to rise up a bonus ladder by spinning a number reel or rolling a set of dice, and the high hit rate of those bonus games triggering is how you get plenty of excitement out of playing such games.

If you are a player of Fruit Machines in land based gaming venue or even in your local pub, then you will probably already be aware that such machines in those venues tend to have some appallingly low payout percentages.

That is never going to be the case if you choose to switch over to playing them at an online casino site, for by doing so you are going to find that the payout percentages on the online version of those games are in the mid or high nineties and not in the low seventies, which is the case if you play them in a land based venue.

By playing them online you are also going to get something offered to you no land based venue that has them available will ever offer you and that are bonuses, plus you will also be earning comp points when you do play them online for real money too.

If you are the type of player who plays casino styled casinos on a mobile device then also be aware of the fact that you can find a range of mobile casinos that offer an exclusive range of Fruit Machines that you will not find at an online casino.

So if you have found yourself getting board of playing the same old slot games time and time again when logged into some online casino sites, then look for the Fruit Machines that may be on offer at those sites and get stuck into playing them, you really will notice the difference in regards to the way that they play and pay and should have hours of fun when you do play them!