Locating the Reel Strip Layout on Fruit Machines

By players knowing just which symbols are positioned on each reel of a fruit machine, as soon as the nudge feature is triggered, they are then going to be able to make an informed decision on just which reels to nudge.

If you have never played fruit machines before, then a nudge feature is one that can and will award you with a set number of nudges, often at random, which you can use to move the reels downloads and often also upwards to help you try and form a winning combination.

Obviously though, you are only going to be able to see a small number of in view reel symbols on each reel, and if you have been awarded with a large number of nudges, then it will often be down to guesswork and luck in regards to which reels you will choose to nudge, in the hope you will finally form a winning combination.

However, the reel symbol layout on each reel of any fruit machine is often staring a player in the face and they will not have noticed it!

If you take a look for example at the image up above, you will notice that just to the right of the third reel you can see the reel strip layout displayed on the belly glass of that fruit machine!

As such if you ever do set about playing fruit machines in any playing environment, then it is important you study the top and bottom glass on each one of them just to see if the reel strip layout is printed anywhere upon the machine.

Sometimes you will find the reel strip layout could be printed down the side of each reel on the glass, so that will make choosing just which reels to nudge when the nudge feature has been awarded to you easier, as you will know where every single reel symbol is located on each reel.

 Some fruit machines will have an additional auto nudge feature and as such when you do play such a slot you simply need to click onto the auto nudge button and by doing so the machine will then nudge the reels for you, ensuring any winning combinations that could be nudged in are done so.

Also do check the alpha numeric display that a large number of fruit machines do have attached to them, for by doing so you will often find displayed up on it when the nudge feature has been awarded to you the highest paying winning combination that can be spun in, based on the amount of nudges you currency have on offer to you!

If you do not have enough nudges to help you form any winning combinations, if the fruit machine has a nudge bank then make sure you add those nudges into the nudge bank for a chance of them being held over to the end of the next base game spin you play off.