Litecoin Casinos

If you are someone who uses a range of different cryptocurrencies, and also someone who does enjoy playing casino games then there is a very good chance that you will be looking for casino sites that accept Litecoin.

Being one of the more commonly used digital currencies you will be pleased to learn that many casino sites will allow you to make deposits and also make withdrawals using that cryptocurrency.

However, one question that you may be looking for the answer to is whether you will then be forced to have to play the casino games on offer at those sites in Litecoin or whether there is another currency you can have in place on your casino account.

It will be dependent on which Litecoin accepting casinos you choose to play at in regards to how they then will let you stake and then play their range of casino games.

The most common way that you will find such casino sites will award your credits is by giving you the option of setting your casino account to use any of the major fiat currencies. As such, for example you could choose to use Euros, US Dollars or GBP as the base currency on your account.

When you then make a deposit using Litecoin you will first need to determine what value of deposit you wish to make in your chosen fiat currency and then the casinos banking interface will do the conversion for you and you will be required to deposit the respective amount in Litecoin to cover that deposit.

I have also come across a range of casino sites that have their own exchange rate in place in regards to their casino credits, so you could for example come across a casino that gives you 1000 casino credits for each Litecoin you deposit or a percentage of that exchange rate when making a smaller valued Litecoin deposit.

There are however some casinos that will require you to use Litecoin as both your deposit option and the currency in place on your account, so when choosing the stakes of each game you choose to play you will be using a fraction of one Litecoin as your chosen staking option!

Games Available at Litecoin Casinos

There are going to be two main types of casino sites that allow you to deposit can play using Litecoin, the first will be those that use their own unique and proprietary software.

However, you will also come across probably more casinos that use one of the main supplier’s ranges of casino games, and it is those casinos that do attract more players.

The reason a casino site is going to be much more popular with players when they offer one of the better known casino game and casino software providers range of games and gaming platforms is that they will offer more casino games and usually games that players will have played previously too.

All licensed and regulated Litecoin casinos will have gone to great lengths to ensure players are guaranteed of getting access to fair and random games, and as such those are the types of casinos you should be looking to sign up and play at.

Benefits of Playing at Litecoin Casinos

Never be under the impression you are going to have to make any type of compromises when you choose to play at a Litecoin accepting casino site, for you are going to have just as many bonuses for example made available to you, and you will also find player reward schemes in place at those casino sites too.

However, it is the speed at which those casino sites are going to pay you out your winnings that will impress you the most, for you are going to benefit from instant winning payouts, if you do request your winnings are sent back to your Litecoin wallet.

Such casinos are also going to cater for all levels of player too, so if you are something of a high rolling player, you are going to have no difficulties configuring the games you want to play for some huge stake amounts.

But conversely if you are a low rolling player, then you will also find that you can pick and choose the stake levels you play for, and some very low stake games of every single casino game category will be on offer to you.

In fact, you do not necessarily need to play for real money as demo mode versions of each game will also be made available to you via the websites of those casino sites.