Play the New Triple Edge Poker Game

There does appear to be a never-ending list of casino poker card games you can play online, however in this review I am going to be looking at the Betsoft Gaming designed Triple Edge Poker game that is a multi-hand game, offering players the chance of playing off one to three hands per game.

However, it is not just a single game on which you have to beat the dealers hand to win, for it is in fact two games in one, and you can therefore choose to place an Ante bet and try and beat the dealers hand with your hand, or place a Pairs Plus bet on which the value of your hand will determine whether you win or lose or you can play both bets together too.

If you choose to place the Ante bet, then by doing so you will be first required to choose a stake to play off that hand for and by doing so three cards are dealt out to you and three cards and dealt face down to the Dealers hand.

You are faced with nothing more complicated than deciding if your hand has a good chance of winning and if you think it does you must click onto the Ride button and when you do so another bet of the same amount as your Ante bet is placed. Choosing to fold your hand will see your losing your Ante bet and the game will then end.

One thing that you will need to see in the Dealers hand is it containing at least a Queen high ranking, for that is the minimum required Dealers hand ranking for that hand to qualify, if it doesn’t contain at least a Queen high hand ranking your Ride bet is returned to you as a push and your Ante bet is paid out at odds of even money.

If the Dealers hand does qualify then both your hand and his are compared and if your hand is a higher ranked one than that of the Dealers hand, depending on its ranking you are paid out on the Ride bet as well as the Ante bet, and are paid out as per the pay table attached to the game.

The Pairs Plus bet that is on offer to you when playing this game is one on which you have no other decision to make than the stake you wish to have in play!

Once you have made your choice of stake then by pressing the Deal button your three cards are dealt out to you and it is whether those cards contain at least a winning ranked hand that will ultimately determine if you will win anything.

If your hand does contain at the very least a pair then a winning pay-out is coming your way, however the higher the ranking of your three-card poker hand the more you will get paid out. As it is the value of your three-card hand as to whether you win or lose its doesn’t matter what cards the Dealers hand contains.