Knowing How and When to Play Progressive Bitcoin Slot Games

You are often going to be tempted to play progressive slot games of which you will find no shortages of them at Bitcoin casino sites. However, there is an art to knowing how to play them and when to play them to have the best chance of winning their respective jackpots!

The standard type of progressive slots will always require you to have to play them for maximum bet stakes and with every single pay line activated to have any chance what so ever of winning the jackpot.

However, when playing such slots, due to you having to play them for some much higher stake levels you can often find they can be a big drain on your bankroll, when of course the reels are not spinning your way!

As such it may be much more advisable for you to play some of the newer video slots on which their progressive jackpots are won at random either awarded at random at the end of any base game spin played for any stake level or via some randomly awarded bonus game.

The main attraction of those types of progressive Bitcoin slot games is that you could win their respective jackpots even when playing for the lowest stake level, and many people over the years have done just that.

There are also some slots that you can adopt a playing strategy in regards to when to play them to guarantee you will win a progressive jackpot.

You will need to look out for slots offering one or more progressive jackpots that are guaranteed to hit before they reach a certain value, and the way to play them is to constantly be on the lookout for slots which are very close to their hit by values, and then simply play them.

For if such a slot is not that far of reaching its guaranteed hit by amount you will eventually win those jackpots by simply playing them!

There is another way that statistically you will stand a much greater chance of winning a progressive jackpot, and that is by you making a note of the average payout amount each previous jackpot winner won when playing a progressive slot, and then waiting until the current value is over and above that average payout amount.

Obviously there will be lot of other players playing such slots at the same time as you, so your actual chances of winning an overdue jackpot will be small, but it is often the case that a jackpot that has not been won on a progressive slot for quite some time is about to be won!

But do make sure that no matter which progressive slot games you do decide to play you always play them in the way that the jackpot part of the slot is activated, for if not you will never have the chance of winning those jackpots, so keep that in mind when you are on the hunt to play such slots online!