Microgaming’s Triple 7’s Blackjack Game Jackpot Overdue

There are some progressive jackpot games that are best avoided until their jackpots become overdue, and one such game is Microgaming’s Triple 7’s Blackjack game.

That game has been designed in such a way that you are required to place a 1.00 side bet to have the chance of not only winning the progressive jackpot that is always displayed on the jackpot meter, but also a range of additional bonus payouts too.

Having been around for several years now, it is quite easy to work out just how much on average each player who wins the jackpot has been paid out, and for reference that figure is 77,836.00.

However, that jackpot hasn’t been won for over 457 days now, and as such the current value of the jackpot at the time of compiling this news story is a very healthy and very appealing 108,374.00!

As such, if you do enjoy playing Blackjack games but you fancy trying your chances playing a progressive variant, then it is certainly the time to turn your attention to the Triple 7’s Blackjack game, for its jackpot is seriously overdue, and it is only going to be a matter of time now until a player does bag that jackpot!

The way both the bonus payouts and the progressive jackpots are awarded to players is by them being dealt out a series of 7 valued playing cards.

The lowest valued winning payout you can be awarded with via the bonus bet is 5.00 which is paid out to you if your very first card dealt out to your hand is a 7 of any suit.

That bonus winning payout jumps to 25.00 if your first two initial cards that are dealt out to you are two 7’s but in any suit. Should however those two 7’s be in the same suit a payout of 50.00 is awarded to you instead.

A mixed set of three differently suited 7 cards awards players with a bonus bet payout of 250.00 which becomes a payout worth 1000.00 if three suited 7 cards are dealt out to you consecutively.

To win the progressive jackpot however you will need to get dealt out three 7 cards that are in the suit of Diamonds. Be aware that all of the above bonus payouts are awarded on the first three cards you have been dealt out.

As much you may need to play a slightly different strategy to take advantage of those winning payouts when you do set about playing this game.

Also, as all Microgaming software powered sites offer players a range of different currencies, the currency you have chosen to play this game using, will be the one that the bonus winning payouts are awarded to you by.

As soon as the progressive jackpot is awarded to a player it will then reset back to its seed value and will then start to grow in value again as more and more player’s play that game.