Top Game Keno Game RTP’s Revealed!

As a Keno player who wishes to use Bitcoin as your preferred banking option, you are going to find plenty of casinos that use the Top Game software and a range of games will accept this cryptocurrency.

However, as a player who wants to have the maximum winning opportunities, you are of course going to need to know which number grouping will give you the best chance of winning!

It goes without saying that as each number grouping you can select on your keno card could have a different long term expected payout parentage, and therefore with that in mind the one you select should be the one that has been structured and designed to give you the highest payout percentage.

I can now reveal to you the long term expected payout percentages one each of the ten individual number groupings that you may opt to have in place on each card out do play off when playing at a casino site offering the Top Game designed Keno game!

You should at all times forget about picking just one number on your keno card when playing at such a casino site, for that is by far and aware the worst possible betting opportunity for its payout percentage is a disturbingly low 75.00%!

In fact, it is true to say that most of the other number groupings do not have pay backs as high as most slot machines or video poker machines, and for reference the two number bet has a payout percentage of some 92.09% and the three number grouping RTP is low at some 93.04% too.

Should you like picking a low amount of numbers on you Keno card be aware that when playing at any Top Game software driven casino the four numbers grouping comes with a pay back of some 93.79% and the five numbers bet has a payout percentage of some 93.87%.

The six number bet has an RTP of 93.79% and the seven number grouping has a slightly better RTP that being 94.15%. But do try and avoid placing the eight number bet for that wagering opportunity has a payout percentage of just 92.90%!

The nine, ten and eleven number groupings have payout percentages of 93.43%, 94.54% and 93.10% respectively, and the twelve, thirteen and four number groupings respective payout percentages are 94.22%, 94.90% and 94.27%

You can also choose to pick out and have placed on your Top Game Keno game card fifteen numbers and when doing so the payout percentage you are going to achieve on that game thanks to its design over the long term is some 94.39%.

As you have just found out when playing Keno at any casino site that accepts Bitcoin, if you do want to have the best pay backs over the long term then the one and only number grouping you should be selecting is the thirteen number grouping, due to the simple fact that with a long term expected payout percentage of some 94.90% that is the best paying bet!