Top Paying Keno Bets at Microgaming Bitcoin Casinos

You will always have a huge and very varied range of different casino games on offer to you when playing at a Microgaming powered Bitcoin accepting casino site.

With literally hundreds of different games available at such a site, no matter whether you want to play card or table games, slot games or even video poker games you are going to find a huge range of different variants on offer to you at such a site!

However, one of the games that many players will enjoy playing every now and then is of course the game of Keno, and Microgaming have designed a multi-stake keno game on which you are going to be able to place one of fifteen different bets on each card you decide to play off.

With that in mind, and as you are only going to want to place your bets and wagers on the number groupings that have the highest possible long term expected payouts percentages, below I will be enlightening you on just which number grouping betting options have the highest RTP’s.

Let me start off by saying that you should never place a one number bet on Microgaming’s Keno game, for that bet is something of a rip off in regards to its RTP, for it has been designed in such way the RTP on offer on that Keno betting opportunity is a shockingly low 75.00%!

The two, three and also the four number groupings are not usually the ones most players will choose to play, but be aware if you do place those bets you are going to be getting a long term expected RTP of 92.09%, 93.04% and 93.79% respective on each of them.

The next set of number groupings you may be tempted to place when playing Keno games at Microgaming software powered online casino site are the five, six and seven number groupings, and the respective long term expected RTP’s on each those games are 93.87%, 93.79% and 94.15%!

You can place an eight, nine and ten number grouping bet on that Keno game and if you do so the long term expected payouts percentages each of those three betting opportunities have been set to return to players are 92.90%, 93.43 and 94.54% respectively.

The eleven number groupings’ RTP is 93.10%, and the twelve number bets  RTP is 94.22%, but the very best bet you can play is the thirteen number grouping for that betting opportunity does offer you the highest possible RTP of all fifteen bets and that RTP for reference is 94.90%!

The final two number groupings that you may be tempted to place due to the high payouts you could achieve are the fourteen and fifteen number groupings, and if you do place such a bet you will find the RTP’s on those two bets are 94.27% and 94.39%

So stick to placing the thirteen number grouping bet if you do decide to get stuck into playing the Microgaming designed Keno game online!