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It is very true to say that it is always going to be dependent on just where you live in the world as to whether you are going to be able to sign up to and place real money sports related bets at many different sportsbooks or just a small handful of them.

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Check The Latest Bonuses!
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There are no 5Dimes sportsbook sister sites and as such they are a betting site that operates on their own, but they are a betting site that does allow and accept players from a huge range of countries and to ensure their customers can and will be able to make deposits quickly and with no fuss or hassle they have recently added Bitcoin as one of their banking options.

What you will ideally always be looking for when you are looking to sign up to sites like 5Dimes are betting platforms that are not confusing to use, for being able to place a bet speedily and being able to secure the odds that are on offer is important.

Having placed several bets recently at 5Dimes I did find their betting platform an absolute breeze to use, and there is no getting away from the fact their market makers do offer odds on an enormous array of different betting opportunities, so no matter what type of sporting event you wish to place a bet on they will have it available of that I am sure.

Value is something that every single serious and experienced sports bettor is going to want to be able to be assured of when they are betting online, and that is something that you will find quite easy to do as a customer of sites that are like 5Dimes.

There are going to be an ongoing range of promotional offers that are tailored to sports bettors being offered to you once you do sign up as one of their new customers, but as an added thank you for signing up to their sportsbook you are also going to be able to make use of their welcome bonus offers the details of which can be found on their website.

Sites like 5Dimes sportsbook do cater for all levels of sports bettors, but no matter whether you like to bet big or small you will always find they will be prepared to take your bets and they do have low to high betting limits too.

Their betting platform is designed in such a way that every single wager you do decide to place is going to be given its own transaction number, and that means you can always check to see if your bets have been settled or whether they are still open.

All winning bets are of course settled the very second the results are known automatically, and all winning pay-outs processed back to your digital wallet are sent rapidly too, so you will have the peace of mind in knowing you will get paid out rapidly when you win.

One of the main benefits of choosing to place your bets and wagers at sites like 5Dimes is that every aspect of the betting sites is going to be very user-friendly, and as such you can place a bet at any time of the night and make deposits and withdrawals quickly and easily too.

Just be aware though that is you are ever unsure about anything, then they do have support teams who are on hand and by contacting them in any way you are then going to get the answers to any questions that you may have, the fastest way to contact their support team members for reference is by using the instant chat features.