Slots Like Age of Discovery| Are There Any Similar Slots?

There are going to be a maximum of twenty-five pay lines that you can activate and send into play when playing slots like Age of Discovery, and to make playing such slots affordable you can always set the coin values down to just 0.01 resulting in a cost per spin of just 0.25.

The Gift Rap slot for example is very similar to Age of Discovery, in fact the only difference between those two slots is the theme and the reel symbols, for they both offer players a potentially huge paying picking styled bonus game that be triggered via a set of scatter bonus symbols.

So, what is the bonus game waiting to be triggered on all slots that are like Age of Discovery I hear you ask, well it is a simple pick to win styled feature round you will be triggering but one that could see you winning big or even winning nothing at all!

That picking game is one on which when triggered many clickable positions are displayed on the bonus game screen and if you avoid picking the position with the collect message hidden underneath it you can keep picking off positions and winning the cash values hidden underneath them.

The number of coins that you have in play when playing off the triggering base game spin is always going to have a direct effect on just how much you could win when that picking bonus game feature round has been triggered.

Therefore, if you can afford to play this slot with more coins activated and in play then you will often find the winnings you achieve when playing of that picking game will be much higher than they ever would be if you choose to play the slots like Age of Discovery for low stakes.

The absolute maximum you can win from that bonus game is 32,250 coins, and being a slot offering multiple different coin denominations, depending on just which coin value you do choose to have in play there can be some mega amounts won via that bonus game.

However, you will not ever have to trigger the bonus game to have the potential of winning big when playing those slots, for the base game jackpot on each of them is 6000 coins, but that figure is based on you playing single coins on each activated pay line.

By playing for more than one coin per pay line per spin for each additional coin you wager per line that jackpot will increase by another 6000 coins.

Just be prepared for some high paying and low paying pay-outs via those bonus games, for sometimes you could reveal a collect symbol at the early stages of playing them off, and when that happens you will not win very much, however the opposite is also true so with some luck in playing off the bonus game you could in big!

It will not be too difficult to find a casino site that does have slots like Age of Discovery on offer to their players however to ensure that you do have a completely hassle-free slot playing experience please do make use of those Bitcoin accepting casino sites listed throughout this website.

By doing so you will then have the added advantage of being able to play the slots on offer with the addition of bonuses that are available not only to first time real money players at each of those casino sites but also to regular players too, and those bonus credits will help extend your play time.