Slots Like Golden Goose Genies Gems| Are There Any Similar Slots?

There are three additional slot games that are like the Golden Goose Genies Gems slot and they are the Golden Goose Totem Treasure slot, the Golden Goose Winning Wizards slot and the Golden Goose and the Golden Goose Crazy Chameleons slot.

What you should do when playing any to those similar slots to Golden Goose Genies Gems is to always put into play the optional side bet wager, by doing so at the end of any base game spin you could then be randomly awarded with one of several different bonus games.

The first bonus game that could be randomly awarded to you when playing any slots like the Golden Goose Genies Gems slot is a playing card picking game, what you need to do is to simply select one of the five playing cards to reveal an amount of free spins which would be as high as 11 of them and another card to reveal the multiplier which can be as high as x6.

Keep in mind though that as each bonus game is randomly selected you may not be awarded with that picking game that can award a set of free spins, however you will be awarded with one of the following three if not.

There is a second bonus game that is a pick to win styled one which can be randomly awarded to you when playing any of the three other slots like Golden Goose Genies Gems. That bonus game will display five rows of three golden eggs, and you must select one egg from each row to reveal a winning pay-out.

You can win up to 5000 coins via that bonus game, so it can be a very rewarding one when it has been randomly awarded to you!

One of the best bonus games however that you could end up being awarded is the cash or the egg bonus game. When triggered and awarded to you, you must pick either the cash and by doing so you will then be awarded up to 10,000 coins.

However, if you decide to pick the egg then you will be awarded with up to 50 free spins on which a multiplier as high as x3 will be in place for the duration of your awarded free spins, so thing long and hard as to which of those two options you do pick is my advice, as either of them could be huge paying ones!

The fourth and final bonus game which could suddenly be awarded to you randomly at the end of any base game spin is sadly a rather boring one to watch playing off.

For all that happens is a Goose will wander across the screen in front of you and then lay an egg, that egg will then explode to reveal a set of coins which will then be credited to your credit meter, that pay-out can be as high as 2000 coins by the way!

You should have plenty of fun when playing the slots like the Golden Goose Genies Gems, but as you will be required to place that optional side bet wager to have any chance what so ever of triggering the randomly triggered bonus games you will often be tempted to place those side bets.

One way that you can ensure that you will have enough funds in your bankroll to sustain the slightly higher cost of playing off those side bet enabled base game spins is by claiming the bonuses all our featured Bitcoin casinos have available to their players, so make sure you do so!