Slots Like Isis| Are There Any Similar Slots?

With low to high variance slots available at every single Bitcoin casino site, you are going to be guaranteed of finding the exact types of slot games you enjoy playing. However, if it is slots like Isis you do fancy playing, those being ultra-high variance slots there are plenty of them available.

One slot that is similar to Isis but comes with a beach type summer theme as opposed to an Egyptian theme is the Beach Babes slot, and by giving it any amount of play time you are always going to find you do have the chance of winning big, if everything falls into place when playing it!

The slots like Isis have a huge amount of cash waiting to be won via their respective bonus games, and if you are very lucky and everything falls into place when playing off those bonus game you can win up to a whopping 600,000 coins on the coin values you are playing for!

Three scatter symbols spinning into view awards players with 20 free spins, four scatters awards players with 25 free spins and 30 free spins are awarded for spinning in all five scatter symbols, as soon as the bonus game plays off all winning combinations spun in are boosted by six times their usual pay-out amounts!

You will also find that when you find a casino site that has the Microgaming designed range of progressive slot games there is one of the Mega Moolah series of slots that also comes with the same type of playing structure as is on the Isis slot.

That slot is of course named the Mega Moolah Isis slot and in addition to being able to trigger that high variance bonus game when playing it you additionally have the chance of triggering something known as the Mega Moolah bonus game.

Now there is no requirement for you to spin in any type of bonus games or scatter symbols to get to play off that bonus game, and no requirement to have to wager a certain amount to have the chance of triggering it either.

It is a completely random bonus game and as such at the end of any base game spin you play off you could get the Mega Moolah bonus game message dropping down onto the slot game screen,

When you do so you are then going to be guaranteed of winning a progressive jackpot. There are four different sized progressive jackpots on offer on that slot, and to find out just which one you have won you have to spend the bonus wheel spinning.

Once you do so it will be the colour of the segment of the bonus wheel that spins in facing the win pointer that will be the corresponding jackpot you have won, and one of those jackpots is so huge it could turn you into a multi-millionaire instantly, so do consider playing that slot when you can do so!

There is always going to be a fair and reasonable chance that you would win and win big when playing any of the higher variance slots like Isis, but you could also lose when playing them too and you will need to factor that into how much you stake per spin.

If you do however want to get as many spins played off per session when playing those slots and increase your chances of winning big, then consider starting with a much larger bankroll than usual, and one way you could easily do that is by claiming the large deposit match bonuses our approved casino sites!