Which Slots Are Like Gift Rap | How Many Slots Are the Same?

Cloned slots or slots like Gift Rap are available when you play at some casino sites and as such if you do like the way that slot works, you are going to find several additional slots that will give you a very similar type of playing style, and of course the chance of winning big.

Those slots that are similar to Gift Rap include the Pollen Nation slot and also the Age of Discovery slot, and when playing them if you manage to spin in anywhere in view three of the scatter symbols then a unique type of picking game will then be yours to play off.

By spinning in three of the scatter symbols you are then presented with the gamble game screen on each of the slots like Gift Rap and what you are then tasked with doing is selecting one position at a time on that bonus game to click onto.

What will then be revealed is either a set of coins which are accumulated throughout the bonus game, or you could reveal the collect message, and when you do so the bonus game will end there and then, and you will be awarded with what you won up until that moment in time!

There are of course going to be good aspects of playing some slot games online and some things that can drive you mad, and regarding the latter when playing slots like Gift Rap is will be when you trigger the bonus game but don’t win anything that will drive you mad!

That bonus game could see you revealing lots of winning pay-outs on each area of the bonus game screen you select, and as long as you do keep on revealing winning locations then you will be able to continue picking them off.

But as soon as you reveal the collect message then the bonus game will end there and then and all winnings you achieved up until that moment in time are then awarded to you.

As such you should never set your heart of winning the maximum possible pay-out via that bonus game on slots like Gift Rap, which for refence is some 32,250 coins, for there will be times you will not win very much at all.

However, as on the base game there is a jackpot worth 6000 coins for each single coin you have chosen to wager on each activated pay line, and as you can wager up to 10 coins per pay line per spin, that does mean there is the potential to bag a jackpot worth a cool 6000 coins when playing any of those slots.

What you should try and do however, if you are planning on having some fairly long slot playing session on any of those slots named above is to play at a casino site that has a generous comp club scheme in place, as that way you will get lots of bonus credits awarded to you via those comp clubs schemes when playing for real money!

To give the slots like Gift Rap some play time simply visit any of the casinos we have chosen to feature throughout this website that have Microgaming’s range of games available, as by doing so you can then set about testing that slot out for free or play it for real money.

There will of course be benefits of choosing to sign up to such a site and make a Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency deposit, for by doing so you will then instantly be credited with these casinos new players sign up bonuses, which are going to give you even more ammunition to play those slot games with!