Avoid Playing Counterfeit Bitcoin Casino Games

All casino players need to take many different precautions when choosing a casino site at which to play at, and whilst most players are aware of the risks, those that are new and inexperienced to online casinos do need a few pointers in regards to what they should look out for!

It has come to my attention many times over the last few years, much more so at casino sites that accept cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, that some of them are not licensed or regulated.

However, what is even worse is that some casinos have blatantly ripped off and copied the casinos supplied by some of the main companies involved in the design and supply of casino games.

NetEnt and Novomatic games do appear to be the targets for game counterfeiters, and if you do end up playing at a casino that has those counterfeit and copied games on offer, you will often find that they do not pay and play in the way you usually find the original and official games to play and pay!

One of the things that has been found about such copied games is that they have been altered so that they do not return anywhere near the payout percentages that the official games do, and as such you run the very real risk of playing games that could have been set with shockingly low payout percentages.

Many players that have accidentally played such games thinking they were playing the original games have also found they are very buggy and can crash at various points in a gaming session too.

With all of the above in mind, when you are hunting around and comparing just what each Bitcoin casino site has to offer you, also check whether the casino is licensed and regulated, as those sites will be offering original games and not counterfeit games.

Never take a casino website as the place to look to see if a casino is licensed, for it has been known for dodgy ones to simply copy the logo of a respected Gambling Commission and claim to be licensed by them when they are not.

Any casino site that does have the logo of any gaming authority or gambling commissions displayed on its website should have that logo linked through to the gaming regulators website and to their gaming license too.

A casino that is supplying counterfeit games and also isn’t licensed or regulated will tend to offer unbelievably high valued bonuses and promotional offers to their players. That is something they will be able to do if their games are fake and have not been set to return high payout percentages of course!

Plus, there is nothing stopping such a casino from not paying out their winning players, should someone actually manage to win when playing. They will pull every trick in the book to void winning player’s funds, so also insist on playing only at legally licensed sites for complete peace of mind!