Playing Tips for Bitcoin Video Poker Players

You will already be a level headed and sensible gambler if your chosen casino game is video poker, for that is one of only a couple of casino games you can play that offer experienced players the very lowest of house edges and the highest possible payout percentages.

If you have only just realised that video poker is such a good value game to play and are interested in discovering a few simple playing hints and tips that will ensure you always have the maximum winning opportunities then the following guide is what you should be reading through.

The very first thing any video poker player should be doing is finding out what the payout percentage any variant of video poker has been designed to payout to players over the long term.

Games such as Jacks or Better tend to return a payout percentage of 99.54% when played perfectly, but games such as All Aces video poker that some Bitcoin casino sites have on offer are set to return a much higher 99.92% to players who never make any playing errors.

As such as a savvy player it will be the game of All Aces video poker you should be playing and you should avoid all other variants including Jacks or Better, Deuces and Joker or even Aces and Faces as those games come with lower RTP’s and lower paying pay tables.

Now video poker is of course a game that players playing decisions can and do have a direct effect on their winning chances, and being a game of semi skill you need to know how to play off each five card initial hand that the game has dealt out to you.

Due to the millions of different possible hand combinations you could be dealt out in your initial five card hard, it would take you years to learn how to play off every single one of them.

There is however a way that you can set video poker games to always automatically hold the best cards for you when you have been dealt out your first set of cards out and that is by you turning on the auto hold option.

By doing so you will then never have to guess or learn which cards to hold and which ones to discard as that game itself will make that decision for your based on the perfect strategy for whichever video poker game you have chosen to play.

Also, another tip for playing video poker games is in regards to the jackpot paying hand, if the jackpot is enhanced and boosted in any way when you put into play five coin hands, then the only way you are going to get the maximum returns from playing that variant will be by always playing five coins hands.

If you play a variant offering an optional gamble type game then you should never actually utilize it, for that game can and will affect the payout percentage of the variant you are playing, in a very negative way if you make use of it and lose!