Differences in Bitcoin Video Poker Pay Tables and RTP’s

As you become well versed at playing different casino games online, it will soon become apparent to you that two games that may look identical are not in fact designed to pay in the exact same way.

That can often escape the notice of some players however, and they could end up playing some games which have not been designed to give them the best pay backs and the highest possible payout percentages.

Take for example video poker games, you may have played games such as Jacks or Better video poker before, and have found that particular game offers a pay table that will return to perfect strategy players a payout percentage of 99.54% over the long term.

However, if you play at casinos that accept Bitcoin at which they are offering the NetEnt version of Jacks or Better you will notice the pay table is slightly different, and as such their version of that game has an increased RTP that works out at 99.56%!

As such, it does of course go without saying that if that is the variant of video poker you enjoy playing the most you should stick to playing it at NetEnt powered casinos, as over the long term you will get much more of your stake money paid back out to you as winning payouts!

There can however be differences on the same type of video poker games on offer at one casino. Take for example when you play at any Microgaming software powered Bitcoin accepting casino site, those sites will have both single hand and multi-hand variants available of most video poker game variants.

Take for example Microgaming’s Deuces Wild video poker game, now their multi-hand variant of that game has a pay table on which you will achieve a long term expected RTP of 99.37% which is quite an appealing RTP it does have to be said, however by playing their single hand variant the RTP drops down to just 96.76% and as such that version is one you should always avoid playing!

One final thing to be fully aware of in regards to the RTP’s of video poker games is that some casino operators can request from the software company and their games supplier one of several different pay tables to have attached to their video poker games.

That is the case if and when you sign up to and play at a Bitcoin casino site that has the Real Time Gaming range of video poker games on offer.

When playing at such a site you will find there are three possible pay tables that the operator of those casinos sites can have attached to each of their video poker games!

So as a player at one of those sites you need to double check to see which pay table is on offer on the video poker game you wish to play, to ensure that you are getting access to game offering a high RTP and not one set very low!